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Monday, November 15, 2010

So Charlotte doesn't ever really nap anymore. She will on occasion at home and she does fall asleep in the car fairly often,  but those regular daily naps have long been a thing of the past. Luckily, she is fine without naps and has been for a long time really. Definitely not the child that falls to pieces without a nap, even when she was much younger. The bad part is no naps = no quiet time. For mama. On days when we are home and there is  not much going on I make her have "quiet time" in her bedroom. She can look at books, play with her babies, play Lego's...as long as I don't see or hear from her. Those are my rules. This is my quiet time. My time to sit perfectly still and quiet by myself and read or blog or take pictures or fold laundry or lay on my bed or sit outside. Whatever I want. In peace and quiet. Pure bliss. Grown-up quiet time.

Today I got the girls (my two-year old niece is here on Mondays) settled in and got ready for my own quiet time. I made toast and a cup of tea and sat down to enjoy the newest edition of Artful Blogging. In peace and quiet. Grabbed my journal and favorite pen and just sat. It could be 25 minutes or an hour, you never know what you're gonna get...but I'll take it.

I know that soon my sister-in-law will be dropping the kindergartner off and the girls will be up and quiet time will be over. It will be time for going through backpacks and getting a snack and hearing about the school day. There will be play time and coloring or drawing and then it will be time to start on supper. But for now, I am relishing in this lovely bit of quiet. With hot peppermint tea, water with lemon a comfy chair and loads of inspiration. Hope your week is off to a LOVELY start.

My Yogi tea bag today: "There is nothing more precious than the self."
So, so very true. We need this, all of us do. Quiet time, alone time, time to think.
Check out more of the  loveliness at Heather's today, there is always something inspiring over there. 



  1. I love this :) I do it with my 3 year old too, I think it is important for us to have some "me" time but also important for the kids to learn to entertain themselves. xx

  2. My day is pretty lovely--been productive, cleaned the one kitchen counter that never gets cleaned.
    Now, Mumford and Sons music...wowza, I love them. And their accents. :)

  3. I totally love your blog. :) I know what you mean - everyone needs quiet time. My 3 year old son doesn't take naps anymore either...he hasn't for a while. Unless he falls asleep playing with his toys. Now I have two kids - a newborn on top of the 3 year old. So now quiet time seems long gone. lol. Lovely pictures! :)

  4. What I wouldn't give for quiet time.

    I have to settle for "bathroom time" to get a few minutes of solitude.

  5. There is nothing like getting those moments to yourself when you really need them!!

  6. I can understand needing the quiet time to yourself. When I was living with family, I had loads of it. Now I live with my boyfriend.. I cherish the alone time without video games in the background or football of something else along those lines.

    I have my copy of Artful Blogging too. It hit me that it was out this month and I rushed out and got it right away!

  7. You are right. Moma time is so, so important every.single.day! I call mine- "mommy time out"

  8. That quiet time is so important. Fynn sounds exactly like Charlotte in the nap (or lack of...) department. He's still figuring out that he can be by himself... :)

  9. Quiet time is so critical in our house - FOR EVERYONE :D Yahoo for tea and blogging and ahhhhhh.... QUIET. Lovely.

  10. oh i so know what you're talking about...
    it is soo lovely to acknowledge a moment to yourself during the day....
    sacred really!

    melissa xxx

  11. Quiet time is a must isn't it?!?:)
    With a little one in the house, I get about an hour and a half during the day...boy I can pack a lot into that time!!:) Not nearly enough relaxing thrown in though.
    Enjoy the day

  12. I love the Artful Blogging magazines, they are so fun and inspirational to look at!
    I am glad you found a little quiet time for yourself. We all need to take care of ourselves with a little "Me" time...:)
    Your photos are lovely and peaceful!

  13. So very true! We do the same thing around here-I need rest and down time just as much as they do!


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