{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Tuesday again. How does that happen so fast, anyway? The weeks and days just seem to fly by,
they really do. Anyway...time for coffee. I am having mine early though because we have a busy day ahead of us. Actually, I am going to chat for a few and then take my coffee on the road...

So, f we were really meeting for coffee this morning, I would tell you...

Charlotte and I are headed out of town to go visit my cousin and her new baby girl this morning. I think that will be about an hour + drive there and then after that we are going to have lunch with Eric. 
We will be out of town until it's time to get back to pick up the little man from school. Sometimes it's nice to have a whole day away from the house and my girl loves an adventure so it should be fun.

I would tell you...
Oh, I want this awesome bag!
 Check it out. I would love to find one of these under the tree this year.
 And although that's not gonna happen, a girl can dream, right? 

Snow? &%$@!
 I just checked the weather and they are saying we have a
 50% chance of rain/snow tomorrow night. I am so not ready for this. 
Really not ready. The snow is so pretty at first and can actually be a lot of fun...
But not all.winter.long. Ughhhhh.

I know I shouldn't complain, we have had the most gorgeous Fall this year, we truly have.

In response to my "If You Really Knew Me" post: 
you guys shamed me so bad by saying a $10 library fine would be a lot...I can't even tell you 
how much mine is now. You would die. It is shameful and embarrassing.
But thanks for still liking me after that post. 

Well, sorry I have to cut out early this morning...I am going to grab my baby gift and homemade 
blueberry muffins and hit the road. This is the eleventh week Virtual Coffee has been opened for
 linking up. Anyone can join in, and the link will be up all week long. I just want to say thanks to everyone that links up or just joins in here, I do love having coffee with the girls. 
I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


  1. You have to come clean - I'm dying to know how much the fee is!!! :)
    (that bag is fantastic! Have fun today!)

  2. I've had fines in the $20's. . .but when you add up all of my fines over the years...I also am in the shameful category!

    Hope you had a good adventure today.

  3. that bag is totally you AMY...how do i send a *hint-hint* email to the hubby with a very direct link to paypal!?!?

    snow already....i'm hearing this from all you gals across the pond...
    loving your day...a new baby always makes me smile...& i'm very tired today after our little tiger not sleeping...so in my emotionally tired state i am sewing between blog hopping a little *B* cushion for a baby Bea~ just born in our village....

    hope your muffin hits the spot hon...
    melissa xxx

  4. p.s.....$10 is nothing you girls!!!

    think i'm secretly with amy on this one!!

    melissa x

  5. i'm dying over that bag. sigh, it's so lovely.

  6. That is a GORGEOUS pic of you, Amy!! LOVE IT!

    And, I've been lusting after a Ketti camera bag too. BSD keeps asking me to pick a bag for Xmas (b/c he's tired of all my camera crap all over the house), but the price makes me cringe also. But, hey...that's what gifts are for, right? A splurge you wouldn't normally get for yourself? (Trying to talk us BOTH into it. :)

  7. OK, seriously, I have to know how much the fine is. Are we talking triple digits here?

  8. I think your hubby should hurry up & order that bag before they are all gone! It is pricey, but you would use it every day! I am glad I stopped by (after making lunches, taking kids to school, going to the grocery & volunteering @ school this am)! Enjoy your day and that new baby:) hugs, Cathy

  9. Enjoy your adventure! So, I am dying to know - how much is your fine??? Open up an account under the kid's names and just check out using their card... just an idea! The most I have ever had was maybe $12 - and it is from those darn DVD's. When you have 4 of them out and $1/day - it adds up fast when you can't locate your book of DVD's ANYWHERE! :D Have a great Tuesday.

  10. I am a huge library fine offender. And I've tried that with the kids - now they all have fines too. Eventually I pay up, and if I have to pay a fine, the library's okay because I know I'm helping to add books (in my own twisted little way!). Happy coffee day.

  11. How fun to get to sneak away for the day to visit a friend! I hope you have a great time! And, that bag is amazing! I have to fess up....I would almost guarantee that we've had library fines worse than yours is. There was one time when all three of my kids had huge fines and our total bill was over $80! I just about died! And, I feel your pain about the snow. We had our first winter storm watch and snow on Friday, more is coming late tonight. I don't mind the snow too much, it's the bitterly freezing cold that I can't stand. Have a wonderful day! :-)

  12. I love that bag too! Very vintage looking...so sweet!

    Have a fun visit with your cousin and new niece. Take lots of pics, they grow so fast!

    Great photo of you Amy!

  13. I don't think $10 is bad at all. Seriously. I haven't been able to use my card for years b/c the fine is so huge and there's like two lost books and a lost movie on it. We just use my husband's card, and last payday we had to pay off like $30 so we could use it again. I got behind someone who owed them like $150 because he had checked out a whole DVD boxed set thing and then lost it. I thought that was pretty extreme. LOL.

    I'm with you 100% on the snow thing.

  14. Snow?! If you're in for snow, I guess I better check our forecast. I'm not ready either!!

  15. I love your picture! Snow? Wow. Yeah, I am not really ready either. I would be ready by the middle of December - but not now. ;) I sooo want snow on Christmas morning. I haven't had that since I was a little girl. *pouts*

    I am really curious to see how much your fine is too - not that it is any of my business. lol. But it makes me wonder. ha ha. Hope you have a great day sweetie! :)

  16. Oh man. Snow???? Holy crap.
    Nooooo! Not ready for that stuff yet.
    Today's so beautiful--we have a few windows open.
    Awww, you get to go see a tiny baby! Sweet!

  17. p.s. That bag is bee-you-tee-ful :)

  18. We have snow in our forecast, too. BOO! I'm not pleased about it one. tiny. bit! NOT AT ALL. Insert an angry face. I'm not even going to wax nostalgic on how amazing this autumn has been, I'm just stating for the record that I loathe snow.

    ---> end rant.

    SOAK UP every lovely moment on your adventure today. The bag is so very lovely. I hope that santa reads this blog! ;)

  19. Love that picture of you and that bag is totally awesome!:0
    Enjoy the adventure out of the house today and think "NO SNOW" thoughts, I know I am!!!

  20. Enjoy your trip!

    Unless you burned down the library, I'd still like you.

  21. I love that bag!! And, not that I should be proud of this or anything, but I'm willing to bet that I've got you beat on the library fines. The worst part about it is, I used to work at the library!

  22. I hope you had a great trip. I love that bag, so awesome!!!! and I'm pretty certain my library bill would shame yours, lol.

  23. Very cute bag. And I once had a library fine for $27. For one book. Maybe yours is more, but no judging here. :)


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