{A Little Birdie Told me}

Friday, March 4, 2011

there is only 16 days until Spring!
So I am dreaming of....
sunshine and farmer's markets and getting my hands down in the dirt and more Spring cleaning
 and purging and windows open and curtains blowing in the breeze and all things pastel and shopping for Easter clothes and Easter candy and sipping coffee on the front porch in the early morning and sidewalk chalk and walks and bike rides and.... 
so much more.

this morning we picked out some potted primroses to plant in little silver buckets for the baby shower tomorrow. and i found a couple of big, pretty bouquets of flowers just marked down at the store.
don't these flowers just feel like spring?
there might be rain/snow in the forecast all weekend but i am determined to
 at least make it feel like spring inside the house anyway.

happy friday to you!
what are your plans for the weekend?
what are you most looking forward to about spring?
will you be planting anything in the spring...and if so, what?
come on, tell me something...anything.


  1. That photo of your girly holding the plants while looking at the camera is to die for. The subtlety of her smile and the wisps of hair in her face are lovely.

  2. I'm most looking forward to sunshine and blue skies and more daylight hours.

    Happy Friday!

  3. we are having spring on our minds here too. I have been cleaning out closets today and plan to continue tomorrow. I want summer clothes, I want tops and little skirts and shorts and flip flops and... don't worry. I still kept some sweaters and cardigans. But bring on that spring, I am ready for it! :-D

    PS. Cute flowers and even cuter little girls!

  4. i love how charlottes wispies are are always flying and catching light.
    that is so beautiful.
    i noticed some sweetpeas growing on the side of the road today...those are my FAVORITE flower, but Eric hates them because they take over the garden (whateves).so i have to find them wild and jump in. that isn't too easy in the OC. sadly.

  5. cute blog! I love the Spring post. I'm hopping over from Fab Friends Friday on FTLOB. I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

  6. Wonderful, colourful photos. Spring! Can't wait not to have to light 2 fires every morning and be out in the garden more. Oh, and the brocantes start - yay!

  7. Beautiful Photos....and Great Blog!
    I'm a new follower.
    Amy's Life @

  8. Plans for my weekend? To enjoy a nice glass of blush wine. Relax with my husband and two boys. Dog ear some more things in my PB, lakeside collection, and collections etc. catalogs. Watch a movie, enjoy some pizza...

    Spring? I want so badly to plant some flowers. To get out and sip some iced tea on my back porch. To take nice long walks down our street or at our local park.

    What could possible top this off? We might be getting a house! We take a look at it tomorrow. They are asking a GREAT LOW price for it and it looks AMAZING from the outside, and it has a new roof, and a new heating/cooling system! Please wish us luck! ;)

  9. The last picture is so adorable, just makes you wonder what they are thinking.
    Looking forward to spring - so I can exercise outside.

  10. Looking forward to:
    The warm sunshing on my face.
    Planting my garden.
    Daylight that lasts past 5 PM.
    Swimming at the beach/pool.
    Walks outside.
    Bonfires - SMORES!
    Mmmmm.... these thoughts make me happy! :-)
    Love your post!

  11. I'm making everyone go bowling this weekend. It's supposed to be cold and rainy/snowy and I want to get out of the house this weekend. We don't have any other plans and I love beating my husband at bowling. It makes him so angry and he's so cute when he's angry. :)

  12. So bright and lovely! I am so glad I stopped by - I need some color and pretty flowers to feast my eyes on! :D

  13. I am SO with you! Dreaming of it. Today felt a lot like spring had actually arrived. I bet it was even nicer down by you.
    Such pretty colorful photos!

  14. LOVE your photos, just adorable, cheery.. SPRING LIKE!!!

    Our back porch has been turned into a greenhouse, we're ready!

  15. Your photos make me long for spring ... ugh ... I'm SO ready! I can't wait to wear cotton flowery skirts with sandals and no tights.

    Weekend plans include getting my hair done (no more gray), and doing the unmitigated amount of laundry. Joy...

    I'd like to plant a garden this spring, but we'll see how much time I can spare ... I'll at least plant some geraniums (bright pink ones) they are my favorite in the summer.

    Have fun at your baby shower. I'm sure it will be BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to see pictures.

  16. ack, those are lovely pictures!
    i cannot wait for the farmer's market to start up again!!

  17. hooray for the promise of spring! the flowers are beautiful- and i can'tr wait to see how you turned your inside to spring for the shower! but for now... i might just have to ge back and peek at your girls and the little pots. love love love that one of their feet!

  18. What happy flowers! I'm so excited about spring!!

  19. oh my they are so adorable. i love the cute lil shoes :)


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