Moving Right Along.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am trying to turn tired, stressed and frustrated into happy, calm and relaxed today.
Faking it, if you will.
Trying. Trying.
There's just really not time to wallow in self pity today,  but if there was,  and my kids didn't need to be
taken care of, I would so be laying in bed watching My So Called-Life eating Cool Ranch Doritos
and having a big fat Dr. Pepper with crushed ice.
While wallowing in self pity.
BUT instead I am making banners and cleaning and organizing and spray painting and wrapping frames in fabric. How cute are they anyway? I love how they turned out!

Never mind the fact that my bathroom is only half  done, "people" are stressed and anxious, the plumber is coming tomorrow to take care of a new bathroom problem and I still have a list of things to do a mile long. There is dry wall and tools and all the contents of the bathroom strewn about the upstairs and I am hosting a baby shower on Saturday.
But it's all good and somehow it will all work out.
Today I was talking to my cousin about people and their problems and our problems and lives in general and we decided that a lot of people are quite a mess really and it's probably best that they (we) put on a smile and fake it a good deal of the time. Just to get through.
I mean, faking it all the time is not a good thing, I'm not advising that,  but we can't let it all hang out all the time either.  Right? Who would take care of our kids if we are all laying in bed in our pajamas drooling over Jordan Catalano or crying to Bonnie Rait songs?
I'm just sayin'.
Today I choose to put on a smile and fake it.
And listening to this really kind of helps.


  1. oh gosh. i love you. i am praying your faking gets magically turned into the real thing...that can happen, ya know. it can. i swear.
    i am gonna make some frames.
    i have never EVER seen that.
    i am gonna make some for my re-do of ella bear's room, kay?
    and i am giving you all the credit for this AMAZING idea.
    you are a frame genius....among other things.
    xoxo sunshine and rainbows to you friend.

  2. love the muppets! and sending love your way hoping that you feel better soon :-)

  3. The frames do look great.

    And it will fall into place. Probably at the last minute...but until then you got Fozzy to help you along.

  4. Those frames are beautiful Amy! So perfectly springy.
    Hope tomorrow is better...for real!
    Have a happy night

  5. Ya know, there is some simple life lessons in that video. Moving along...I agree with the fake it until you feel it - to an extent (like you). Nobody wants to hang out with someone who is a debbie downer all the time, but it helps it you have a good friend who will listen to anything and all of it. And for everyone else there is the "I'm hanging in there even though I feel like dropping the stitch" line. But you are amongst friends here, so feel free to vent.

  6. Awwww but jordan catalano makes everything better!!! I was pretty much in love with my so called life...thanx for the flash back...I just spent half an hour watching clips on you tube!!!! <3

  7. oh, jordan. he'll always have a place in my cold, bitter heart.

  8. As they say 'fake it till you make it'... my hubby lives by this... we're still waiting for him to make it! Lx

  9. um. never seen any of MSCL before that, but i have to tell you: my best friend is marrying a guy who resembles jordan. in october. sweetness, huh?? ;) they're pretty darn cute together.

    uh yeah. totally have to fake it some of the time. or else where would everyone be?!?!!!! haha.

  10. omg I remember that movie!! lol!!
    how I love doritos with soda and crushed ice.
    how I am feeling so much the same right now.
    trying not to wallow in my self pity. I am failing. darn it! the light in these shots is so pretty, I think I need to go out and buy some flowers.

  11. i can't stop feeling jealous that somewhere else in the world, people are still able to view my so called life! :) i havent seen it for years and years. but i'd watch it with you if i could, and then felicity after that. what do you think? and yeah, those frames are killer. GREAT JOB!!! i'm gonna have to copy you. keep your chin up, ames. everyone's messy, you know.

  12. ok i am sooo stealing that frames idea...yeah yeah i'll link to you when i get round to doing it!!
    i have a little something over at mine for you to get you through the weekend...i'm focusing on yellow this weekend...the sun was here and then it went...but at least these make me smile...

    melissa xxx

  13. This post made me smile :) see? I've been feeling a little like that lately, thanks for the encouragment! Everything looks fabulous, I'm sure tomorrow will be great!

  14. Oh I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the frames! could you please share a "how to" post about them?! I love your blog so very mucH!


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