The Fair :: Captured

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We made a quick trip to the County Fair Saturday. We went late afternoon before it got busy
 and made sure we got there while the $1 rides were still going on.
The kids had fun because how could you not with rides and games and shaved ice?
And the nice thing about a small County Fair is that it does not involve miles and 
miles of walking (or whining) and you don't have to spend half the day there if you don't want to. 

Don't think I am being too harsh, because this is in fact where I live, but after we left the
 County Fair Saturday I realized that if Wyatt wasn't missing a couple of front teeth we may have just been the only family there with all of their teeth. Man, so close to being "The Family That"...
 yet so far away. Oh well, maybe next year.

I love these pictures of Wyatt with his arm around his sister trying to reassure her before they
 got on the elephant ride. She was not scared, he was, a little.
He does like heights too much, as far as rides go anyway, she does.
I asked him to please go on it with her and he agreed but admitted later that he was a little bit nervous and he did not like the way she was sitting so close to the door.
Ha, he sounds a little too much like me.

Wyatt loved the Speedway cars and although he really, really wanted to go in the
 House Of Mirrors he had a little trouble finding his way out. But he did, eventually.
#4 on our Summer List, Ride a Ride. Check!

Wow, the iphone can sure make you lazy as far as getting your real camera out, huh?
You know, the iphone is Eric's not mine, which is probably a good thing because it is just so easy.
 I really might start lugging my big-girl camera around a little less.
Obviously I  used both at The Fair though.
I think I need to write Apple a letter about giving me an iphone complete with a whole bunch of camera/video apps to try out and report on here. Don't ya think? I see it as a total win-win situation. ; )
{Maybe I should get started on that letter tonight....}

So there ya have it, our little hour and a half trip to The Fair.
That was extreme picture overload, I know, sorry about that. I think the Fair/Carnival might be one of the BEST places to go with your camera though. So much to capture.
I was super tempted to go back by myself that night when it was dark and walk around for a
 little while taking pictures by myself but I didn't, too lazy.
Well, Happy Wednesday everyone.
It's another rainy day here so we are headed to the library soon, gotta get my
 money's worth this Summer!


  1. Lovely post, I love the fair, only problem is, it attracts all the young trouble makers where we live now, so it isn't something I get to enjoy anymore : (. I love looking at your photos though, you really manage to capture the moment, they are magical xxx

  2. You take such beautiful pictures! I always love pictures of the fair like these...and I'm so happy that you had a good time! Our fair costs like, $20 per person to get in, and it's not really worth it. We went last year, but that I might have been the last year that we go...


  3. oh my goodness these pictures are fantastic! makes me want to find a fair!!!!

  4. as much as you may think about *missing teeth* - all you & your photos do, my lovely friend, is make me want to bring my mob out to where you live...

    i would love a month getting to know all that makes where you guys live tick...shall we house swap? but i need you with me- so that won't really work!

    love the pickies- as always...we have our village club day soon...floats up the main high street & a fair like this on the Green {the parkland that runs the length of our village along the estuary}...i'm going to try to capture what you have....

    melissa xx

  5. Looks like so much fun! Great pics. The teeth comment...too funny!!!

  6. love the photos.
    as usual, inspiring!

  7. I love fair photos but you're right - county fairs usually mean missing teeth. I went to one in my husband's hometown and I felt like I'd just entered a different world. Who knew that dental care was still a problem.

  8. I went back all by myself last summer to enjoy a photography date with the carnival and it was so worth it, but these shots are incredible chica. Loved your adventure to the fair.

    The boys wanted to see the spongebob prizes again after they saw what I was looking at. Boys! :)))

  9. What a wonderful group of photos - the retro tones of all that carni atmosphere - just perfect. Had ti giggle about the missing teeth - I think the same thing when I go to Wallmart at 9:00pm on a Friday. The perfect start of summer - snow cones and carnival rides. Love it.

  10. The iPhone has such great apps to edit pictures on it, so I don't blame you for taking pics on it, they look great! But you're a fantastic photographer..what kind of camera do you have? Glad you had a good time at the fair!

  11. Wow, you got some really great pictures!!! It sounds like a very fun trip to the fair. And how cute are your kids! I'm going to our county fair this next week and can't wait - you've inspired me!
    Star Hughes Living

  12. What gorgeous photos!! Great memories here!!

  13. adore these! I especially love the one of Charlotte on the elephant ride after seeing Wyatt reassuring her.

    I agree about the iPhone. Don't have one, but I have a droid. So often I want to ditch the big camera for the phone but, luckily, it doesn't have as many cool photo apps.

  14. What beautiful, beautiful pictures. The iPhone worked perfectly for the fair.

  15. I LOVE the fair photos!
    My girls have never been to a fair!
    we are planning to go to the state fair, I think it's in August!

  16. Beautiful pics! :)

  17. i love the colors (and sounds & scents!) of the fair! your captures are amazing (as usual!) lovelovelove those little red bow flip flops!!


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