{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hello there, Tuesday morning.
Another Tuesday, another week already. I am afraid that this Summer is just going a little
 bit too fast for me already. Well, I am here on my front porch this morning drinking my coffee.
I am taking full advantage of a little bit of quiet time while I have it, it never lasts long.

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning, you would see that I am having
 my homemade cinnamon dolce latte in my favorite cup. Naturally.
Last week I think someone asked how I make my latte and all I do is make espresso, then use the milk steamer/frother thing that is on my espresso machine and steam about a cup to a cup and a half of milk.
 I pour the espresso into the cup of steamed milk and add lots of cinnamon.
I love cinnamon. Never can have too much cinnamon around here.

Oh-and I am sitting here, sipping my coffee in one of my new whicker chairs my mom found super-cheap at a rummage sale for me a couple weeks ago. There are just two of them and I think I am going to paint them but I am still looking for a little whicker love seat and maybe a side table so I was kind of waiting to paint them all at once. I got some turquoise blue chair pads at Target last
week for like $4.18 each. They are not really for this type of chair but they work.
Now I think maybe I need like a sisal area rug and we will be good to go out there.
Now if only we could get rid of these damn cicadas. Scroll down to the third
picture here so you can see for yourself just how attractive they are.
Mmmm hmmmm, nasty aren't they?
They are everywhere, hundreds and hundreds of them and they are so loud and gross.

I cannot get enough of little summer dresses and sundresses for Charlotte. This one above I found on clearance for $5 and I just found another pink butterfly one at Target for $4 on clearance.
Don't you love it when you wait for something to go on sale and you end up getting it for a really good price, in the right size and everything? Love that!

So, tell me what is going on with you today.
Is everyone on Summer Vacation now?
Do you have big plans for the summer...any trips scheduled? classes? camps?
Thanks for joining me this morning,  have a great day everyone!


  1. I love your coffee posts :) Beautiful flower pictures! I wish I had an espresso machine at home, because I would make lattes every day!! I used to work at a coffee shop and loved it. Maybe I'll go back to it one day...

    Today I'm just stuck at work in a cubicle :( Wish I could enjoy the sunshine. Hope you get a chance to do that today!

  2. hi sweet- are those little insects cicadas??
    in australia - cicadas are really big and more like a lovely sounding dragon fly- now I see yours I'm feeling seriously sorry for you- they look like the midgies that buzz constantly around you in summer in scotland!!

    loving that *frock*- audrey would have her eye on that little lovely if we strolled past!

    would love to see your wicker chairs- god love mums and yard sales!!

    we have a big bunch of lavender for you over at mine today...

    melissa xx

  3. Seems like a lovely morning for you to be sitting outside with your coffee. I would love to do that since the kiddos are still asleep...but its raining. I love a rainy day but too many rainy days in a row leave everyone cranky and on top of each other.

    Love a good bargain especially with kids clothes. Can't wait to see how you paint your chairs!


  4. lovely to share coffee :)
    these tuesdays come around quickly, don't they?
    i do enjoy them!!

  5. Thanks for coffee my dear.

    And yes summer dresses are the reason I wish I had girls. But I guess that just means I'll buy more for myself.

    As for those Cicadas, YUCK!!! Hate them ... my hubby's family lives in Chicago and they were all over. We couldn't even enjoy being outside.

    Anyway, have a lovely day and a GREAT week.

  6. Great to have coffee with you this morning-literally :) Great pictures I love them! Stop by if you get the chance,love to hear from you! Have a fun day! ♥Amy

  7. ola, ms. amy! i don't know what it is, but you and i must have similar "kids' clothing taste." i bought that same dress for sophie for $5 too! and they have the same bathing suit too. weirdness. i'm going to try to type up a virtual coffee post later today...i haven't linked up for a couple weeks...and i miss it! take care, sweet friend :)

  8. your view looks lovely from here!!!

    i miss those soft summer sundresses on little girls! it would take an act of congress to get laura into one now :) but she & her friend charlotte used to live in them!

    we are just into our first real week of summer, and it is already to fast for me. but that just means the things we are looking forward to (pbr & the grand canyon!) will come sooner, right?

    happy tuesday!

  9. My 5 year old would prefer to wear a dress every.single.day of the week. We usually shop the thrift stores(& can score some sweet, brand name ones for CHEAP). We've found some adorable ones this summer at Sams Club. Theyre Carters brand and theyve got a great variety of them/
    I needed a does of positive this morning. Thanks for coffee:)

  10. Hah...that was supposed to say DOSE. Apparently, I cant spell today either:)

  11. Hah...that was supposed to say DOSE. Apparently, I cant spell today either:)

  12. Love seeing your red hot pokers in bloom. Ours have come and gone already here in Virginia, but our summer is ahead of yours beings we are further south.

    No summer vacay here... I'm retired so life is a vacation for this old gal.

    Enjoyed your post!


  13. hello!
    waiting for my coffee to finish brewing! today we were going to go to the zoo, but I keep forgetting we have a dog and need a babysitter as I won't leave him home alone for more than 4 hours at a time! he's spoiled and has to be around people all the time! plus he needs to go potty!

    we still have a few days of school left (we homeschool). I just told my girls if they get 100's on their math test then all they have left is an exam and can skip the other review pages. I already have a whole math review packet for them anyway. ugh. poor kiddos!
    we are enjoying summer everyday. parks, picnics, ice cream, bike rides, walks etc. it's been fun so far, even though we haven't done anything spectacular!
    enjoy your tuesday!

  14. simply love those orange flowers....you could decorate an entire room around those! my oldest is sick, so i will be headed to the store this morning so get all things soft for him to eat...i hope you have a great day girl!

  15. Hmmm, I think I need an espresso machine!
    Not much going on here except that my boy is turning 7 today!! Cake and ice cream tonight after supper :)
    Should I admit that I had potato chips this morning after breakfast? I blame pregnancy hormones!!

  16. even if you promised to mail me $20, i couldn't be persuaded to click on that link to look at the bugs. well, maybe if you mailed some lightning bugs in there too. then maaaybe. we still have a week and a half of school, but it's so great to see your summer list getting checked off, cute dresses, you and the kids enjoying down time. that must feel great.

  17. Oh yeah, cicadas are crazy. The first time I heard them, I was in Costa Rica and I couldn't BELIEVE how friggin' LOUD they are! They're insane! Glad your summer is off to a good start!

  18. Hi Amy! I love your coffee posts. I have been slacking on virtual coffee lately but i hope to start again this fall!

  19. Oh, you fancy girl ... brewing espresso each morning for your latte ... I am envious for sure {where do you find the time?!?! ;)}.

    Congrats on the wicker chair finds score! ... I have always wanted a porch haven but first I need the porch before I can build the haven :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

    {yum ... cinnamon ... LOVE :)}

  20. her dress is so sweet. we are all finally out of school...yay! the girls are in vbs this week and then big chick is on to a dinner theater camp next week. she's always wanted to try that. i'm busy painting custom work and packing away. somewhere in there i need to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

  21. I have a Charlotte too and I love that dress! My first time joining in.Thanks for hosting ;)

  22. Life has gotten in my way of virtual coffee this week but I wanted to say that we, too, have cicadas but I usually find them stuck to the screen (gratefully on the OUTSIDE). We may not be in full throttle cicada season (or maybe ours was last year when we had a plethora of them) and I have never seen one with red eyes - ours are a more turquoise-y-green. Maybe the colour changes when they cross the Canadian border. Yup, that video sounded l-o-u-d. They must be good for something though. And it's kind of comforting to know that they are living their normal cycle while the rest of the world goes crazy. But that might just be me...

  23. coffee with you is always fabulous. LOVE the new look here. Very vintage.

    PS. If I had a daughter sundresses would be a must. I don't think my boys would take kindly to it though so... shorts & tanks per usual around here. lol!

  24. i linked up for the first time today! my daughter has that faded glory dress, too!


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