Flurries, Ribbons, Cranberries and Bullies & Stuff...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So, it snowed yesterday.
Teeny-tiny-almost-invisible-to-the-naked-eye flurries.
The kids were excited.
It didn't last long though.
I was excited.

After preschool pick-up yesterday we did some thrifting (aka: scrounging) as I am in search of
some BIG empty, wooden frames.
I have seen 1.5 million small, medium and every other in-between size, but not any BIG ones.
I have a project I am wanting to do and the BIG frames continue to elude me.
I hate that.
It always happens when you are looking for something specific, otherwise I would be
tripping over them in the stores.

We did find some Christmas ribbon and lace for like ten cents though along with some cute little vintagey bags.
Oh, and to my great excitement (I am easily pleased) out on our search for bulk
cinnamon(which naturally they did not have) for the ornaments we are making at school,
I got three bags of cranberries for $1.00.
It was buy one, get two free.
The Deal of The Day, folks.
I had too many a few empty Mason jars at home just waiting for something and I decided that
something was cranberries.
Now I have jars filled with cranberries with little tea light holders on top, on my fireplace mantle.
Hooray for cheap decorations!
And now,  I need to remember to stop and get tea lights today...#23 on my to-do list ; )

Tomorrow I am going in to school to make cinnamon-applesauce ornaments with Wyatt's class.
Can I just tell you that there is one little boy in his class that Wyatt says isn't very nice to him(and
other kids) and sometimes when a little group of them are playing he tells Wyatt he can't play
with them.
Think it would be okay if I PINCHED that little boy tomorrow?
Pinching was the nicest thing I could think of to do, I can think of much, much worse.
Ughhhh. I hate that.
Why can't kids just be nice?

I am thinking after we are done with the ornaments of surprising my boy by taking him out
to lunch and then take him back to school.
That would be fun.
Have a great Wednesday everyone....the week is half over!


  1. i need a big frame too!! what are you making??
    and yeah for deals and ummm, just my opinion, but i think you should sqeal on the bully to the teacher...bullying is bad. like really bad. it'll just get worse.
    have a good one!

  2. i bet Wyatt would LOVE to have lunch with mom. what a great momma!
    if we lived closer, i would take you thrifting and get you antique/vintage frames galore today.
    big ones! ;)
    have a great day!

  3. I agree with farm girl:). Bullies, just aren't fun!

    I used some cranberries this year too. . . Love how the look in glass jars. . .you got a way better deal than I did!

  4. I like the cranberries in the Mason jars with the tea light holders ontop! Cute idea!

  5. So true how the
    things we are seeking
    elude us when we
    want them, but are
    in abundance when
    we don't!! I miss those
    pre-school days with
    my little guy {who just
    turned 13 and is 5'11}!
    He loved it when I'd
    take him to lunch.

    xx Suzanne

  6. Oh, yes! When we're looking for something, it's never around, but if you're not looking for it, they are everywhere! Happens all the time.

    And I say pinch away! It can be an "accident."

  7. I love the BAGS and the cranberries and EVERYTHING except for mean kids! Hope you had fun in class!

  8. Pinching is a good option, although I would try to surreptitiously put the fear of God in the little bugger! Alternatively, you could talk to the teacher, which would be the more adult, albeit much less fun, option.

  9. Just a little pinch, surely that would be okay..? And I am so with you on the 'specific' hunt - it's impossible! Stop looking immediately so you can trip over the frame you need tomorrow! x

  10. I can't stand bullies!
    Savannah just went back to public school and I dread the day she gets picked on. She is one of the TINIEST kids in the whole school for sure. she is just 69-70lbs at 12 (this month) and she is shorter than most, hate bullies! ugh.

  11. I second Farmgirl paints idea... A "sweet" tug on the ear. That is "nice" too... lol.

    Stop Bullying... If it was on fb I would press "like" My personal little bully didn't use his words, he used his fists until my cousin did something about it for me. Then I was finally left alone. My bully was scared to even touch me. I know the answer isn't in violence... but in that case, it was.

    Anyway... ENJOY that lunch of yours and the ornament making. I know I've told you this before but I love all your vintage knick knacks. Right up my alley! :) Where did you get that wrapping paper?!


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