Letting It Go (and Insta-Friday)

Friday, December 9, 2011

When all of the leaves have fallen off of the trees and it's gray and cloudy and there is no
snow yet, everything looks so depressing.
And it is getting dark at 4:30 and the sun is barley shining all day long....it all feels
so "blah".
The in-between.
That's a little how I have been feeling myself this week, too.
Kind of in-between.
Not quite in a full-on funk, but heading that way.
Nothing serious, just a little "blah".

I am trying to turn it around today.
I have to let all the crap from the week go today.
I will turn it around.
And look what we woke up to today.
Just a teeny-tiny dusting.
That's my holly bush by my front steps.

The "good car" (aka: not the Jeep) that started acting funny on our way to dinner last night ,which
forced us to turn around and go home instead?
I'm letting it go.
Engine light on, having to do a u-turn with cars backed up behind me instead of crossing the
interstate because I was afraid we were going to break down right then and there?
Wanting to cuss and or cry but instead putting on the "It's all good" face and matching attitude
for the  kids.
Letting it go.
Getting a $164 fine (when the letter stated it would be $35) with no warning from the City for
being 10-days late registering my dog?
Letting it go.
Lady from the City that I dealt with on the phone and in person yesterday that acted like I
personally owed her the $164....ummmm...ooooh, I am really trying and it might take a little bit
longer but I am going to let it go. 
Soon. I sware.

Moving right along.
There were some good things from this week though....

This makes me nervous.
I got a hot-flash when Charlotte showed me her picture of Santa last night.
Umm...this is the EXACT same ways she draws Eric every single time, with the spiky
sticking up black hair.
Oh no. This is just a coincidence, right?
Right? She just turned five.

The kids wrote letters to Santa last night.
Wyatt wrote his to "Satan" on accident ( I didn't even tell him) and Charlotte asked for a
pet rock for her brother and an Indian troll doll for herself.
Oh dear Lord.
She later revised her letter and asked for a penguin pillow pet and a vintage baby buggy.

This is where you can find me tonight.
On the couch, with my stack of Christmas magazines, watching The Holiday and swooning
over Jude Law while wishing I lived in a cottage in England.
But I will be drinking a glass of wine instead.

The sun is shining, at least for now.
I am going to go warm up my coffee and take a shower .
Having no car today means going nowhere, which means getting a lot done around
the house.
Which is much needed.
I am feeling a little bit better already.
Now, if I could just stop myself from fantasizing about giving the lady at the City building a good,
old-fashioned cussing out.....Oh well, I'm almost there.

Have a great day everyone. Hoooray for Friday!!!!!

life rearranged


  1. Girl, Hang in there!
    I have had a weird week too with SAvannah getting sick and staying home a day and a LOT of running around! ugh!
    hope your weekend is awesome!

  2. i needed this happy post today. im typically a happy , joyful person, but feeling a little down in the dumps today. so thanks for a bit of sunshine! :)

  3. :D
    This is so sweet.
    Love your attitude on letting things go, even though it is SO hard.
    Have a wonderful, relaxing night.

  4. Oh hello, what a sweet post ;)
    I love your photo with the coffee and fireplace in the background ;) wow

  5. I love love love the collection of little trees! So simple yet so darn cute.

  6. I love this! I am currently working on "letting it go" too. I have really felt a good change in myself since I consciously put it in my head to change. But today I have to keep reminding myself that the OTHER volunteer I'm working with this week who yelled at me TWICE for following the directions I was given is not worth my mental energy. *deep breath out*

  7. well amen to all that sista. i've been telling myself to lay it down...give it up...let it go..whatever it takes. i've had that same argument with probably the same lady when i lived in decatur. exactly the same. i remember my head almost exploding!

  8. The Funks are making the rounds. A giant one has been knocking on my door! Trying to keep it at bay. I hope you have a great weekend...and that the car gets fixed.... And that the grouchy lady gets a good helping of karma!

  9. Sounds like a really rough ride, I hope things improve for you real soon. I asolutely love that film though, I'm guessing you are talking about The Holiday x x x x

  10. ha, i must have needed this today. things didn't quite go my way the last day... or two. ugh. i've gotta "let it go" too. thanks for a kick in the pants. :)


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