It is Friday and I Am Old

Friday, March 16, 2012

It's a fitting title for how I am feeling this morning.
It's been a long week.
We have a dr appt. for Little Miss C at 11:00 and I hope she is feeling better soon.
I can't function as well on such little sleep like I used to be able to....
I am feeling old.
And in serious need of a vacation... a weekend get-away... anything.

If you follow me on Instagram you have seen some of these already.
It has been a beautiful week and besides the weather and sickness and lack of sleep, I don't
have much else to report on.

I got Eat, Pray , Love from the library and I am looking forward to watch it tonight after the
kids go to bed, that is my exciting Friday night. Ha, like I said....I'm feeling old this week.
Hope you have a happy day and a great weekend.

life rearranged


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I always L.O.V.E. all your photos! I wanna follow you on instagram.. what's your user name? Hope your little one gets feeling better! :) Those cake balls on that darling cake stand look delicious!!!

  2. Your blog is lovely looking! I haven't had much sleep this week either and it is hard to function. Curling up with a movie tonight sounds awesome to me!

  3. Love your chalk rainbow! Hope C feels better!! Enjoy your movie! (it's good!)

  4. Coming over from InstaFriday... your chalk drawing made me smile :)
    Sorry you're sleepless and you have sickies :(

  5. hopping over from insta-friday. your pics are cute! love all the sunshine. that last one is tdf cute!

  6. I'm feeling the same way about getting away. . . I need. To. Go. Somewhere!

    Hope your littlest is better soon. . . Not fun to be sick when it's so nice out?

  7. I love your photos. I would love to follow you on instagram. what is your name on there? I am a new follower as well.

  8. Love that sky pic. Hope your baby feels better and you get away soon. Feeling old too. Tired ALL the time.

  9. oh, you poor girl!
    i hope miss C is feeling better SOON!
    you're not old! just sleep deprived!
    have a restful weekend, sweetie.

  10. you're not's just a bad day. i'm tired too. i think i'll go to bed now. let us know how that movie is. i strongly disliked the book. ugh. but the movie looked cute. enjoy your night :)

  11. Visiting from InstaFriday. Love those sweet little Toms. Hope your little one is better again soon. It's no fun when little ones are sick and mommy doesn't sleep.

  12. Love all your bracelets, and the rainbow on the concrete. :)

  13. I hope Charlotte feels better very soon, and that you catch up on your sleep.

    I need a vaca in a bad way, too. IN A BAD WAY.

    My friday night: a short glass of whiskey & coke and Becoming Jane. SO you see, you aren't the only old fart around here. Just sayin...

  14. I hear ya! I cannot get by with the lack of sleep like I used to..gah.

    Love your pics though! Popping over from LifeRearranged and InstaFriday. :)

  15. I too would love to follow you on Instagram....Your pictures are always so beautiful! Looks like a lovely week....Even with no sleep. :)

  16. Saying hi from insta-friday! What a sweet blog. Sorry about the sickies!

  17. I feel ya on the whole weekend getaway thing. It would be wonderful right about now. A warm beach sounds divine.
    Oh and I really like the chalk drawing.


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