Sunday, March 18, 2012

It was a full weekend of...

hanging out at home
a night walk in our pajamas
my Boy Scout walking in the St.Patrick's Day parade
out to lunch with both grandma's
dinner out with friends
hanging out after dinner while the kids all played together
Sunday morning sleeping in(me, not the kids)
lots of playing outside
working in the yard
getting things Spring-like inside
going to the park
and finally, introducing the kids to Star Wars ; )

It was a really good one, hope yours was, too.
We are going to finish the weekend off by getting the kids to bed soon and then
 having dinner while we watch My Week With Marilyn.
Happy Sunday, y'all.
See you here Tuesday for coffee.


  1. Love how you capture the everyday. Sweet peeks.

  2. great weekend captures amy!!! i really liked my week with marilyn -- hope you did, too! happy monday!

  3. Looks like your family enjoyed a nice weekend! My boys are Star Wars crazy. Oh yeah~ I started Hunger Games last night... have to since the movie will be out and my oldest and I are planning an "adventure" to go see it. (aka Mommy Date!) Have a great week, Amy!

  4. How was the movie? It is on my "to see" list. Love your new header. I am a header failure.


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