{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hiya friends.
Just popping in early for coffee this morning.
Hope you don't mind that I am in my pajamas, sipping my coffee on the front porch.
I love Spring Break. Love, love, love it.
But you know what I don't love?
Charlotte still has preschool this week. Yuck.
And she only goes three days a week but I don't really want her missing because she missed
the whole week last week when she was sick. Ughhhhh.
Oh well.

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning...
I would tell you to join me on the front porch.
I still can't believe it is March and we are having this beautiful Spring weather.
It is so not normal but I will take it.
I am having my usual, a hillbilly latte with lots of cinnamon.
What are you drinking this morning?

So, I would be excited to tell you that the weekend was a big one for us around here.
My boy(finally!) learned to ride his bike.
It took all of about ten minutes and now he is riding like a pro; starting, stopping and just flying
like he has been riding forever.
You know I have enough pictures for a whole post though so I will just share this one today.

See how green everything is looking already?
I have to tell you though, I am not 100% convinced we won't have one more snow, it is just
so early to be Spring here. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would have to change the subject to
something else, and you might think I am a bit crazy. It's this.....

                                                                                Source: joelrunyon.com via Amy on Pinterest

I liked it, I pinned it and then when I looked at it later I realized it gives me that anxious,
let me hurry up and delete this pin feeling or stop reading it and thinking about it anyway.
Time just seems to go so fast...and then I realize I haven't done so many things I want to
do and.....and....what about living in the country?...and having chickens? and a cross-country trip
with the kids...and....and.....learning to cook really good and taking a photography class...
and joining a book club and learning to sew....and.....I am getting old and running out of time!
Am I crazy...do you ever have these feelings?

                                                                        Source: thehungergamesmovie.com via Jasmine on Pinterest

Well, so I don't end our coffee date on too deep of a subject I would tell you that I am going to
the midnight showing off The Hunger Games Thursday night and I am super excited about it.
Feeling quite teenager-ish but loving it. I have never been to a midnight movie premiere
like this so I think it will be fun. Guess I shouldn't have laughed at the people that dorked out
over the Twilight movies now, huh?

Well, there is a little girl's hair that needs to be fixed before school and lunches to pack, even
though I am supposed to be on break from lunch-packing-duty this week, my little Jedis and I
are headed down to the cabin for the day after preschool this morning.
I will come visit you for coffee later this evening.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by my little place here today.



  1. amy, the links aren't showing up... don't know if i'm the first, but it's saying i'm linked, but can't see it on the post :(

  2. I can relate to so many things over our virtual coffee today!

    Congrats to your boy on his bike! Next thing you know ... he'll be driving :).

    I'm thrilled about the weather. I hate the snow. but i'm afraid since we had such a mild winter that the summer is going to be a pure disaster.

    lastly, i'm also excited about the Hunger Games! I got my midnight ticket tucked away in my wallet!

    Have a great day!

  3. now they're showing *phew*
    so excited that your boy can ride his bike - a wonderful, life-changing achievement!! looks like you had a fun weekend :) much love from across the pond xxx

  4. I gotta tell you, that quote kind of stressed me out there for a minute! And then I figured, eh, only got one life to live right? so why freak out? I'm all kinds of zen today!

  5. I can totally identify with the whole "Life is going by TOO fast" bit. If I think too hard about it...I get full body sweats. That's just not normal. I love the quote that you pinned. I may have to repin that one. =) Congrats to your BIG boy learning to ride his bike!!! Boo for preschool during spring break. =( I love hillbilly lattes...haha! Any kind of coffee, ANY time of day is perfect for me!! Enjoy spring break!

  6. oh Amy your To-do list sounds just like mine.... Learning to sew is on my list and the chickens.... oh how I would love to have some.I am in the process of getting my man used to that idea ;) we will see. Yay for Wyatt for learning to ride with no training wheels. Biking in my family is big...Once my girl started she never ever stopped again, she is on her bike every day rain or shine.
    Have fun watching the Hunger games and let us know what you think

  7. I'm hardcore? I'm waiting till Sunday to go and you are going to a Midnight showing! Goodness I wouldn't even be able to keep my eyes open that late.(Unless I was actually in bed,wondering where Mr.Sandman was!)

    I feel that way all the time. In fact I sometimes wonder if I went and had more kids so I could do all the things I missed out on with the younger 2. I've been wanting to sew for 10 years now and still don't have the hang of it :(

    Thanks for Coffee Amy :)

  8. my big chick is having a sleep over and we're going sat. night. hard to wait even that long. it's gonna be so good!

  9. Hi Amy,
    I love reading your honest posts. Congrats to your little (not-so-little-anymore) boy on his "achievement". Life is short, I know, but slow living opens up the prospect of experience life more richly, of savoring every little moment that matters ( my boy is riding a bike), of slow love that comes of an unhurried attention to the simple things...isn't that an achievement, a life fulfill ...I am wondering, too...

  10. You know what...that Pinterest pin gives me anxiety too. Let's just think about Hunger Games, shall we? I CAN. NOT. WAIT. But I am going to wait until the kids are in school to steer clear of all the teeny boppers. I spend too much of my time around teeny boppers to let them interfere with my Hunger Games time ;-)

  11. That's so exciting Wyatt's riding a bike!! I bet he was just so proud of himself too. I know what you mean about having a long bucket list. I have one too...and most of the stuff on it I keep putting off to a "better time"...which I always think is next year. And then next year.

    And don't feel guilty about laughing at people dorking out over Twilight. I personally don't really want to see the movies because I cringed and skimmed my way through the violence in the books and don't feel up to going through it again, but I would argue there's a TON more valuable stuff going on in the Hunger Games than there ever was in Twilight. :) I'm pretty sure Katniss would kick Bella Swan's butt. (And I say this having read all the Twilight books, and owning the 1st movie.)

  12. HAHAHA! Just realized I had virtual coffee with no one, because I forgot to link up yesterday...dork brain.

    Anyway, I have to tell you that I admire you for doing the midnight showing {mentioned in my post} There's no way I could stay up that late.

    I would have to say that I'm in agreement on the Pinterest pin. There's so much pressure to LIVE BOLD and do everything ALL. THE. TIME. When I all I really want to do is sleep a full eight hours and eat Girl Scout cookies without gaining weight.

    Oh, and you must tell me how you got Wyatt to finally learn to ride his bike. E just won't budge and he keeps riding his little kid tricyle. Oh, boys...

    Well, it's better late than never to the party. Enjoy the movie!!!


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