Focus + Progress + Shop Update

Sunday, July 22, 2012

So, I intended to start on these little banners for my shop like last week, but then the whole
Relay For Life thing became pretty much the focus of my whole week instead.
And that's okay, because that should have been where my focus was, and I knew that once
we got through Saturday I would be free to start focusing on other things.
It's hard when you feel like you should be juggling all 6 things on your to-do list at once but sometimes
the best thing for me to do is focus on just one of them, all of my attention, all of my energy and let the rest go.
Ya know?
So my house is a wreck, laundry is way behind...and I mean honestly, my house is not just messy
but dirty.
Like gross dirty.
It happens.
I can't do it all, I fail a lot.
A lot.


Now onto my shop update....
I am adding these today, Vintage Little Golden Banners.
I kind of love them.
Okay, I really LOVE them.
Little Golden books + children's bedrooms/spaces + vintage illustrations = Vintage Little Golden Banners.

I think Charlotte really wanted to keep the middle one(she loves the little girl) but off to the shop it goes. 
Don't worry though, she will get a new one soon enough.
Well, I have more Shop work to do and items to add--including the cutest little yellow retro canister
set that I am thinking would be perfect for some of the kids art supplies but I have got to let it go....
I need to stop finding so many things in my treasure-hunting that I actually want to keep for myself...
I do, cause I just can't do it.
I will not do it, into the shop it goes.
Really, I can't(still trying to convince myself)....


It will officially be Monday soon,  so... happy Monday to you and be sure to come back tomorrow for 
Coffee with me... I will tell you all about Relay For Life and how I am still not caught up on my sleep from it...
I think I am just old and that kinda sucks.
Oh well. Whaddayagonnado?

Lucky13the shop -------> here


  1. those are the most adorable banners EVER!!! LOVE THEM! I love the shapes too! very cool!

  2. those little banners are just precious!
    love them!

  3. those are beyond cute girl! love your creative flow:)

  4. she likes the girl because she looks like ella :) and char and ella are destined to be friends...maybe someday.
    i think i need to try and make one of these from my pile of "too delicate to flop onto the bookshelf" vintage books!
    any tips?
    i hope you sell right out.
    i love my napkins.
    love. them.


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