{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Good morning, good-kinda-late-morning.
Can I tell you something?
I didn't get up until 9:00 this morning, so I am just sitting down to have my coffee.
Right now, on the back patio, in my pajamas, sipping on a hot cup of coffee.
You could come right on over in your own pajamas, I won't tell.
So grab a cup of coffee and sit down with me, let's chat.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, I would tell you...
That the kids and I went to my nephew's baseball game last night so and got home pretty late,
hence the sleeping in until 9:00 business.
I love Summer for so many reasons, a big one being that there are no rules. 
If we want to stay at my sister's until 11:00pm and then have a 40-minute drive home it doesn't matter,
we have no plans today and nothing to get up for, we can do whatever we want.
And the kids love hanging out with their "big" cousins.
Love that.

I would have to ask you all about your Summer-
how is it going? Have you been busy? Too busy? Or running out of things to do yet?
Are you going anywhere this Summer?
We are going to take a short trip somewhere but have just kinda been waiting for things to slow
down with Eric's work, we need to hurry up and plan something though.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, in my backyard in our pajamas, I would have to
tell you about this girl.
She starts kindergarten next month and she is so excited.
The kids had me look up the date of the first day of school the other day(I didn't wanna) and that night
when I was tucking Charlotte into bed she told me that she was so excited about school that she felt like
it was tomorrow.
I truly am glad that she is so excited though and I have to tell ya, knowing that they are going to be
at school just across the street now is making it a whole lot easier on me.

I would try not to bore you to death this morning while sipping our coffee, or tea or whatever it
is you are having, but I would have to tell you that I have been doing a lot of work on my
little shop that I plan to have up and running this Friday. 
I was shooting for Wednesday or Thursday of this week and then realized that Friday was in
fact the 13th. 
Perfect timing, huh?
So Friday the 13th it is.

I guess I should finish up coffee before it is lunch time...
but first I think I will just sit out here in my comfy chair, feet propped up and enjoy this nice breeze
before it gets hot later.
I hope you have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by and listening to me ramble.
Happy Tuesday, y'all.


Ps-- Kids started 2nd session of swim lessons yesterday.
So I get situated in my lawn chair, sunglasses on, magazine out, close my eyes to relax a minute...
and what do I hear?
Tucker's mom.
I nearly started crying.
You know the best part though?
She just straight up wore her swim suit yesterday!
Guess she was prepared to jump in the water this time.
Phone out, headphones in...4 more weeks with Tucker's mom. Good Lord.


  1. Hi Amy!I'm linking up for the first time in months. I'm still in my PJ's,listening to The Avett Brothers station on Pandora surrounded by kid clutter.My house smells like these amazing homemade candles I purchased from a friend and they are not even lit yet!

    Next month will be a rough one for the both of us as our sweet babies leave us for Kindergarten. Caleb is ready and so excited. He picked out a lunch box at Target last night :)

    Thanks for Coffee!! <3

  2. you need to bring headphones to block out Tucker's mom lol!!!!! so FUNNY!

    just having my coffee right now, coconut creamer yummy! I woke up at 9:30, just cannot get to bed earlier, reading too many good books!

    okay so our summer is going by way TOO fast! we had company twice already, taking up over 2 weeks of our summer, I love family BUT I was ready for it to be just US!
    my girls are way too addicted to the SIMS computer game and I think we may have to take it away because they aren't wanting to do anything at all lately!
    I got to run errands by myself yesterday and I could not even believe how pretty the view from the library window was! overlooking the Bay of Lake MI, gorgeous!
    thanks for coffee!

  3. Sounds like you guys are having a GREAT summer. Late nights and sleep in mornings are the best. And that girl of yours- her painty face is sooooo adorable! I can just imagine her excitement about school ;) I bet everyone in blog land let out a groan when you said you heard TUCKER"S MOM. I sure did! Haha!
    Our summer is good, even parts of laid back and busy. Can't wait to see what you have in your Etsy shop! How perfect to have a grand opening on a lucky Friday the 13th! Woohoo!

  4. Tucker's mom is annoying me from afar! Bathing suit, sheesh!

  5. Just linked up! I love reading your posts on Tuesday. Thanks for doing the link up. Off to visit some others that linked up.

  6. your store is going to be awesome. i just know it!!! tuckers mom: i feel for you girlie, breathe just breathe! Enjoyed our coffee time

  7. i have to admit that i laughed out loud when i heard those words...tuckers mom! :D

  8. Okay, so I was gloating last time you mentioned "Tucker's mom"....well...I think I met her sister. Ummmmhummmm. So this past session there was a momma bear that would hang over the spectator section wall (we go to an indoor college pool that has a swim team so there is spectator seating above for the swim meets and the parents are required to sit there instead of the pool deck...smart no!?!?!?) and she would talk to her son (what's the deal with mothers and sons???) and then turn around to all of the other parents and engage us in her rantings..."isn't he doing much better today....did you see is dive....maybe the teacher could smile just a little when he does something right"...and on and on and on and on. I do believe all this is because of my previous gloating. Lesson learned.


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