Not That Kinda Post

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Looking for a post this morning on how much I love Summer and spending every waking moment
with my kids and how they get along so well and our days are a breeze of cooperating kids, a clean house, perfectly 
scheduled yet un-scheduled days and laundry that actually gets finished and put away?
The you are at the wrong place, friend.

This week these two are on my last nerve...the whiny voices, the teasing, the bossy-butt attitudes towards each other, the not 
And I am not apologizing for this or even throwing in the whole I know how lucky I am part 
that we often feel like we have to as The Grateful Mom.
Nope, not today.
I want a babysitter for the day and go to the pool by myself and float around in complete silence 
where no one wants or needs anything from me. 
There would also be a couple of frozen margaritas involved.
Pure selfishness.
And I am owning it, no guilt, no apologizing.
Just keeping it real, y'all.


  1. sometimes... no...all the time I pretty much hate summer. I am owning that statement. I live in Arizona, so outside lay time is not a thing. So its kids, in the house all day. It sucks.

    I seriously love the pictures :)

  2. such great pictures that make me think that your just making this crap up....i bet your life is a cakewalk.

  3. hahahaha @ shauna's comment...stinker ;) but ya, i bet you're making this all up. nobody with pics like that could have kids that fight. ;) but seriously, get a babysitter for the day!!! do it! also, i have a pool...and margaritas...too many of them. pretty sure i'm a summer drunk. ha! anyway, come to my pool...we'll cope together.

  4. We all have these days, this is for sure! I hope you get a babysitter and get that day alone SOON!

  5. I love your honesty and I can totally relate to this.


  6. And yet they look like they are getting along just like little angels in these. :) Thanks for keeping it real... so true. (I blame it on the hot temps. this past weekend, as far as my kids go!)

  7. well thanks for keeping it real. we ALL have those days don't we?? hope you got a sitter. sounds like you need a day;)

  8. We ALL do have these days...mine will be hitting hard soon, as my kids are STILL in school. Next Tuesday is their last day.

    THey are tired, they are whiny....and I give them TWO days in the house together, all day, before they are all OVER each other.

    Oh, and it is nothing but rain, rain, and more rain, all summer so far, so we have been trapped inside like rats.

  9. been there!
    i got a few hours to myself and i'm like a new woman! :)

  10. Totally agree...I have a 13 and an 8 yr old...and I think I've said "CAMP" a few times. I won't....but they hate the thought. It's nice once a week to get out with the big girls!

  11. I have to say I love you!! I sometimes feel like a horrible mother, but this summer has been one long tough day. See, I can't even use commas. This mothering gig is tough, and it seems no one likes to say it is, so THANK YOU!!!
    Hope you are have a great Friday!!


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