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Thursday, February 28, 2013

I am in love with this picture.
Not because it is an amazing shot, it was taken with my phone after all,  but oh how I love it.
My boy, in his classroom using the big camera and loving it.
Taking it so seriously, it just melts my heart.

Tuesday the mobile zoo visited Wyatt's class, it was a pretty big deal.
There is pretty much no field trip money left, so parent's donated so this could happen... it's pretty expensive.
The kid's school is a Project-Based Learning Laboratory School; which in short means they take a topic(turtles & tortoises) and
work on it for the semester-math, art, reading, writing, science... all of it.
They work on big projects and do lots of hands-on learning and research.
Getting to see/touch the turtles, tortoises and even a baby crocodile, was kind of the cherry on top for this big project.

I was there to take pictures for his teacher so I let Wyatt use my camera for a while and he loved  it.
It was actually really cool when I uploaded all the pictures, to see what he took pictures of and what I took pictures of.
I loved his perspective and I think of all the pictures we took one of his was my most favorite....

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And Happy Thursday, friends.


  1. yes!
    it's like you can see his childlike curiosity AND the man he will become!
    i don't "know" wyatt, but he seems like such a thoughtful soul. i imagine him as thoughtful and quiet and kind but soulful at times.
    i'm sure he has his "boyish" streak too.

    i love seeing the pictures that my kids take when i'm brave enough to let them use my camera.
    usually shot from a lower angle, so you can tell if was them and not me.
    i love seeing things through their frame.
    thanks for sharing this.
    i really just love having you as a friend amy.
    and, strange as this internet thing is, i really love your kids too!

  2. I rarely comment, but always read!

    Your life is so simple and beautiful to me. I always love your pictures. Every single one!

  3. That's a keeper. I feel the same when I look at my girls loving photography...capturing a moment. It's good.

  4. i am so excited to find you via maxabella loves, i think im going to like it here, your blog is beautifulxx


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