{Virtual Coffee}

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hey there!
Happy Tuesday and Good Morning to you.
You know how you have that one flaky friend that sometimes shows up and sometimes backs out when you're
supposed to meet up?
Well, that's kinda me with Coffee around here... sometimes I flake out.
But I'm here today and ready for a cup of coffee so grab yourself a cup, get comfortable and let's talk.

If you're new here or if you read but never comment or join in for coffee... I really think you should.
And if you don't want to write your own coffee post then just join in in the comments and tell me/us what is going on in your world.
There are no rules, it's just sitting down with friends and chatting over coffee... except you totally get to stay in your
pajamas if you want. And why wouldn't you?

So if we were really meeting for coffee today....

I would tell you about our weekend and I would have to ask what you did and if you watched the Oscars.
Eric was out of town this weekend so it was just me + the kids.
I didn't mind that he was going and if you wanna know the truth, I am the one that suggested he go to the Cabin.... BUT
now let me be totally honest here-- it was one of those weekends where all the kids seemed to do was tease/whine/fight/wrestle
and by the time Sunday got here I was at my whit's end.
But, I did manage to pull off french toast for breakfast Sunday morning wich is always a good thing.

Now let me tell you this;  in the spirit of  keeping things real  here....
When things fall apart at home I will be the first to admit that it is often(usually?) because of  ME.
Not them, but me.
There, I said it... and it's true.
Lack of patience, selfishness, stress... you name it, but it's usually because of me.
NOW, that being said, I will tell you that this particular weekend it was in fact because of  THEM( not me!), my sweet
little children, who just like their mama, are most definitely not perfect.

Oh! If we were really meeting over Coffee today I would have to tell you that the kids finally, finally got to play in the snow
on Friday--- and not only did we get enough to play in but enough to actually build a snowman + make
snowballs, too.
We were thinking maybe we would get hit with a lot of snow but alas, that was not true once again.
We keep hearing threats of these huge snowstorms... blizzards... ice... but we have yet to have a real
snowstorm this Winter.
But anyway, Charlotte has been talking about building a snowman since last year so I was really  happy we got enough snow for it.

Of course we survived the weekend and Sunday was Oscar Night and although I was only semi-impressed with the show,
it's still fun to watch.
Did you watch? Did you have any Red Carpet favorites? Movie favorites?
Now, I am no fashion plate by any means(unless you count yoga pants & old ratty t-shirts)but I did have a few favorites
and not-so-favorites.
Favorites :: Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron(can she look bad? ever?).
Not-faves :: Reese Whitherspoon(although I adore her) and Kristen Stewart(why does she always look so messy?).


Well,  that's it for me this morning....and perfect timing because I'm out of coffee now...
It's a help out at school kinda day for me so I need to get moving and make myself presentable.
Hope everyone has a great day and thanks for stopping by here today.


  1. thanks for hosting today! your weather is so different from ours- sunny with highs of 65! hope the rest of your week is great. see you (maybe, maybe not- no need for commitments here!) next week. :)

  2. amy!!! your new header!!! i love it! but it will undoubtably be different next time i come over here. you love a change ;)

    happy that you have snow. i do miss that. (sometimes.)

    and now i want french toast. but it's 10:34pm. hmmmm....

  3. this is an awesome idea! may need to give it a try too


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