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Thursday, May 16, 2013

For Mother's Day I was surprised with a new porch swing, a new mailbox and house numbers.
I could not have been happier... and I was truly surprised!
I am lucky because my husband truly is thoughtful and gets me things that I really want-- or maybe didn't even know I wanted
but are just perfect for me.
Now the porch swing I have wanted for a while,  we had one at our old house and I loved it.
But the BEST part of all? They were all put up and the job was finished before Eric and the kids surprised me with them.

There is nothing better to me than early morning coffee in the Spring on the front porch before the kids get up.
The key word there is BEFORE the kids get up... which is not often that I am up before them... they are early risers and I am...
not so much.
But when I am it is so, so good... and so peaceful.
One of my goals for the summer is to get up earlier so I can have a little time to myself first thing in the morning.

In nice weather the kids play on the porch int he shade, we read here at night before bed and you will find us  eating lunch out there
in the Summer a lot,  picnic-style. 
It's like having an extra little room and I love it.
One of these days I might just do a whole little porch make-over-- get some new pillows and a cushion for the swing, maybe paint
those wicker chairs finally.... that might be on my Summer to-do list...
But for now I am happy with this little spot just as it is.

{ Instagram favorites from the porch this week }


Hope you all are having a GREAT week.... tomorrow is Friday already and we only have one week left of school...
How is that even possible?! Wow.
Happy Thursday!


  1. Always love your gorgeous photos...great job!

  2. We are soul sisters. The front porch (if we had one) would be my favorite place to hang. When we buy our forever home (next year! squee) I want a HUGE ASS porch. But for now my back deck is my haven. I have been writing and studying and tanning there. Yes tanning- I'm old school. I will always love the sun. Probably regret it later. Boo...

  3. Love your porch! What a relaxing place to rest! Our front porch is my favorite spot too!


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