Like Bees To Honey :: Na-Da Farm Barn Sale

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So this past Saturday I made my way up North  to the Na-Da Farm Barn Sale, for the third time now.
I love this sale.
LOVE it.
I love the location, Anne Marie's farm which is kind of(but not completely) in the middle of nowhere, I love the size of the sale
(not too big and overwhelming but definitely big enough) and I love the vendors that are there, they really do have some really cool stuff there.

I absolutely love the creativity of the booths and of all of the women there, it is amazing and that is really my most favorite part of all of it.
Like bees to honey, women(and some men) from all over the area are drawn to this Barn Sale for some good old-fashioned handmade shopping.
That makes me happy-- women supporting other women and their handmade and/or small businesses, friends spending the weekend doing something fun together.... I am so happy I was able to go again.

This yarn-bombed tree was not at the Farm but in the town nearby that has some super cute shops we always go to.
This Shop is my favorite one if you ever happen to be in the area... which you probably won't.
I love this tree and think I really need one in my yard... and then I remembered that I don't knit.
Oh well.

Now this camper was at the Barn Sale.... Can you even stand it? It was the cutest thing ever and decorated just as cute on the inside.
I LOVED this lady's booth, I was in love with her stuff... which really wasn't surprising to me because I saw a couple of things
in her booth that I have for sale in my shop, too.
If I was to paint a camper, these would be my colors. They are just HAPPY.

I am a little mad that I did not end up buying one of these potted herbs.
Aren't these adorable?! WHO has the patience to make these things?!
I really wish I did.
I loved the little basil plant and if I was going home that day I definitely would have bought one.
Basil is one of my most favorite smells ever. Like, ever.

A few snapshots of a couple of the booths, it was really too crowded to get many good pictures.
And the ducks? Ahhhh... the ducks were so cute. I think I need a baby duck now.

And a few more of the most awesome vintage shop ever in town.... I think this might be the third time
now that I have blogged that same picture of the hoop wall(last photo).
I can't get enough of it, I really wish it was in my house, that's some of the best fabric ever.

If there is another one in again in October, we'll be there again!
Seriously if you are anywhere near the area, or not even super close at all, you should go check it out.
Then go to the cute little shops in DeKalb, you won't be disappointed.
Oh--and the next time I am there I want to check out Northern Illinois University, we passed by it twice and I wish we would
have had time to stop.
I bet it would be really beautiful in the Fall.



  1. Some great finds there Im sure it was worth the trek! A tea cosie pot plant holder who would've thought ;) so cute

  2. Yeah! so happy to have found your blog! you have to stop by to see what the interior of our little camper turned out like!
    hope we run in to you in person again sometime


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