Fourth Of July Prep...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Today we were outside and Wyatt said; "It just smells like the Fourth of July today, doesn't it?"
Honestly, I don't know if it smells like or feels like it should be the 4th already... but it's here.
That boy makes me laugh though, so sweet + insightful.
And always eager to help.

We spent today getting ready for a little cook-out tomorrow night and special company we have coming tomorrow afternoon.
I have some grocery shopping to do, fruit pizzas to make and still more picking up and cleaning to do... that really never seems to be "done"...
no matter what. But that is just life, huh?
But, I am not complaining because I am looking forward to the Holiday weekend and especially to Eric being off for 4 whole days in a row--
that's a break we ALL need!

Hope all of my friends here in the States have a great Holiday tomorrow!
I'll be back Friday to tell you all about what we did.
And in the mean time?
You should really get this photo app(above), Banana Camera... it's my new favorite!
You can add the date, location, etc. or leave it off if you want... kinda fun.
I just have the free version but I think I'll upgrade because I believe it is only 0.99.
Go get it!

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  1. cool app! i'll have to try that one.
    AND your boy made a memory!! you know how that is when you have memories of specific things when you were a kid and you can even SMELL it?? he did that. that's so awesome. hope my kids have some good memories...


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