{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Good morning.
When I went to bed last night I thought it would be nice to sit out on the back patio with my coffee and laptop this morning and have
coffee + edit some pictures while listening to my little radio out there.
BUT, I woke up to a bit of rain today, so that will have to wait for another day.

We have definitely had a strange Summer here so far, with lots of rain and not nearly as hot as it should be... which is all well in good in one
way, BUT, it is July and we want to be going to the pool and swimming and going to the beach already.

So, if you were really here having coffee with me this morning,  I would tell you to kick off your shoes and grab a seat on the sofa and hang out.
I would make you some coffee or whatever morning drink you feel like this morning, you know I do make a mean Hillbilly Latte, right?
You might just love it.
I would ask you what you have been up to, how is Summer treating you, how are you managing to keep yourself sane... and what projects
have you been working on? Lots of questions, I know.

For those of you on Summer Vacation, like us, I would ask what you have been up to... how have you been filling your days?
I would tell you that because of this weird weather we have had lots of indoor forts, playing with army men and dolls, drawing + painting
and probably a few way too many movies.
Yesterday the kids painted rocks outside for our little garden, some days it is just whatever they feel like doing that will keep them
busy and not argue with each other... right?

If we were really on the sofa this morning, having coffee and chatting away, I would have to tell you about the book I am reading right now.
I am the type of person that goes through reading floods + droughts, I either read a lot and cannot put books down or I don't read at all for a while.
Anyway, right now I am reading Loving Frank by Nancy Horan and it is really good.
Let me back up- I have always appreciated Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural design but last week I toured a Frank Lloyd Wright house
I have always wanted to see, and I fell a bit in love with him and his genius.
The house I toured was The Dana-Thomas House.
The girl giving the tour was a bit obsessed with him and told us a bit of his personal life and suggested a couple of books, this was one of them.

What I would really like to do this morning is take my coffee up to my bedroom, get in bed with my book and read for a few hours.
Doesn't that sound just a bit like heaven?

{me... not putting my book down}

So, I guess I should get up and get moving with my day... there is laundry and dishes to be done, beds to be made, lots of organizing to do....
AND the kids and I must get out of the house today.
We stayed home yesterday and I think for my mental health we really just have to get out and do something today.

I hope everyone has a great day... Thank You so much for stopping by here today!
Link up below if you would like to and be sure to visit the others for coffee as well.


  1. I haven't stopped in for your virutal coffee in too long, my lovely Amy. It's always a nice way to spend an evening (for me!).

    And our Winter has been very, very wet as well - which put a dampner on the carnival party we recently held for Lottie. We were down, but definitely not out!

    So, I was mainly working on bunting and papercrafty bits for the party, but now that it's done I am going to sew myself a couple skirts. Or should that be I'm going to teach myself how to attempt to sew some really simple skirts.

    I hope you get to have that cuppa on your patio very soon!


    1. i wish someone would teach me how to sew a simple skirt, for both Charlotte and I. my mom has tried but she gets a bit frustrated with me i think : )

  2. I've been on a reading rampage lately too! Sounds like a great book. Hope it warms up for you so you can get some REAL summer! :)

  3. girl, me too. 60* tonight?! in July? IN Central Illinois? ridiculous.

    1. I'll take a hillbilly latte and a lookie at that book hon!

      Weather is such an influence on us isn't it- hoping you get some swimming days soon!

      Sharing pancakes with you over at mine-bring your gorgeous kiddos-W looks soo grown up in that photo today!!!!

      M xx

  4. Just catching up with my reading after a few busy weeks. I think I already told you (on Instagram?) but I loved that book. Very interesting.


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