Ten On Ten :: July 2013

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Today was a really good day for Ten on Ten.
I mean, Saturdays usually are good anyway, but today was a really beautiful day.
Here is just a little glimpse of my day. I took most of these with my phone but a few with my Nikon. 
I think my favorites are the sunflowers and the aprons.
Can you tell how much I love aprons?!

{ Good morning, my sweet girl }

{ The kitchen table in the morning... What to do with all of those cucumbers? }

{ I just realized this morning that I still haven't taught Charlotte how to tie her shoes...Ooops }

{ On the street... I love the chippy paint + the old door! }

{ Stacks of pretty things in my office }

{ Lunch with my sister at the pub-- it was a great day for a girl's day! }

{ Dying over all of the sunflowers. My  favorite. I can't get enough! }

{ Sundaes with my mom and sister }

{ Don't look behind me... Messy kitchen + unfinished projects. Story of my life. }

{A row of happy, little aprons. Sigh. }


Hope you had a wonderful Saturday!
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  1. Loved your photos. My favourites were the bright and sunny yellow curtains in your kitchen
    along with the cucumbers. Also a gorgeous photo of the sunflowers, which has reminded me to dig out my seeds. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. I love the sunflowers and aprons the mostest, too! Funny about the shoe tying thing. A few of mine don't know yet either. Whoops. I suppose that's why we all prefer flip flops and mud boots around here. I love your style, btw (have i told you that before?).

  3. I also love those aprons and sunflowers! Plus a little bee even?

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these. This could completely be my life :) My daughter is about to start 2nd grade, and she refuses to tie her own shoes.....!

    1. Amanda- I am so glad I am not the only one! I was feeling a bit like the loser mom when this hit me!! : ) Ha!

  5. Your day looks FANTASTIC! I had dairy queen that day, too.

    And NOT a mom fail... Dom doesn't know either and it took Bean for-ev-er!!!

  6. Love your photos, they're so dreamy. Thanks for stopping by mine the other day too. :)


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