Good Things :: A Monday Morning List

Monday, October 21, 2013

Last week was a long, sad week for us... but I'm feeling content and grateful this morning, nonetheless.
I cried nearly every day about our sweet  Phoebe  girl last week... so many memories and missing her... and then of course there's the guilt.
But despite all of that I know I have so many little things to be thankful for, so that is what I am focusing on today.

* Friends + Family.  I am lucky to have great friends that send messages, call to check on us and send cards last week.

* I am thankful for grandparents that will keep the kids over night so we could go to the Illinois football game with friends on Saturday.

* Changing leaves. I LOVE all of the beautiful Fall colors so much!

* Family Night at TapRoot Friday night, getting a few things done while the kids played and ate that was an AWESOME Friday night.
   And hopefully a memory was made that the kids will always remember!

* This clip of Mr. Roger's(aka Fred Rogers) speech accepting his Lifetime Achievement Award. It's short and sweet and I  LOVED  what he said.

* TEXTING. Yes, texting. I can have group conversations with my girlfriends that would make a grown man blush.... it keeps us in closer contact and
 sometimes things are just easier to say via text... Ya know? My friends make me laugh and save my sanity, a lot of it via texting and that trusty iPhone.

* Sick Days. My girl is home with a little fever this morning and I am thankful that it is no problem for me to be at home with her today.
 I am thankful to be able to stay home and take care of the kids when I need to be.


Happy Monday, everyone.
Hope it is a great un-Monday like day for you.
I'll be back here tomorrow morning for coffee, bright and early.


  1. Glad to hear your day was a good one:) I too love the fall..the colours against the blue sky, cool air on your face... My sympathies for you and your family...hard to lose a family member/pet, especially when you have kids too...

    1. Thank you so much! We are hanging in there, and YES, love every little thing about Fall! : )

  2. hey girl. lets go have lunch at that new TapRoot restaurant one of these days :)


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