Pop Bottles + Grocery Store Flowers

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

So, I was prepared to get up bright + early this morning and write a Virtual Coffee post while drinking my coffee on a cozy quilt on the couch....
but then I didn't.
First, I didn't get up on time and truthfully, just don't have a whole lot of pleasant things to chat about so I nixxed the whole bitchy morning
coffee thing, you're very welcome.

So... no coffee(well, coffee--just no coffee talk) but grocery store flowers + vintage pop bottles instead.
YES, that I can do.
I can totally do that!

I think that was a lot more pleasant than be grumbling and griping over Coffee this morning...
Don't you?

I can't get enough of vintage pop bottles... I am always on the look out for them when I am antiquing and thrifting... cheap though.
You could spend a lot of money on them and it's hard to find them cheap but I usually can, I do love finding ones from Illinois or especially
the ones that were bottled in my home town.
These make my dining room a whole lot happier.


Happy Tuesday!
Have a good one.

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  1. Love your happy colour flowers:) and your fun bottles...I have a few I collect for our cottage as well. I usually pick the ones with fonts and colours I like...


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