My "To-Don't" List

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

There are a lot of things on my to-do list this week, but I think my  To-Don't  list is just as long, if not longer.
Actually I'm pretty sure it's longer, which is sad because my to-do list is never-ending.

You know those people you see on Instagram and blogs that started preparing for Thanksgiving like 2 weeks ago...
Like actually shopping for it, getting dishes out, cooking food ahead to freeze it, making sure bedrooms are spotless for their guests?
Well, that is 100% the opposite of me.
I wish I could be a little more like those alien-people.
I am a last-minuter.
I have good intentions but I'm just not that organized.

And all I have to do is make devilled eggs and maybe a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.
That's it.
No hosting here... no guests.
So why do I let myself get so stressed out?

It's dumb and I hate that I do this... but I do.
So I'm trying not to let myself do it this week... and especially going into this super-busy Holiday season.
Here's what is on my  To-Don't  List....

Don't freak out over the grocery shopping, laundry, cooking and errands.
Don't let the little things like the rushing to get the kids here and there and the annoying work stuff get to you.
Stop freaking over the never-ending laundry.
You'll remember the extra school stuff this week, don't let it stress you out now.
Don't worry about the kids being at their grandparents house late on a school night because you have dinner plans with out-of-town friends,
they will survive.

Like I said in this post last week,  I love Thanksgiving,  and the week of Thanksgiving so, so much.
We have traditions and lots of family time and I have friends in town I cannot wait to see this week!
It's one of my favorite times of the year- one of my favorite parts of this week being shopping on
Black Friday with my mom, sister and cousin- we don't do the crazy early morning stuff, it's more about getting lunch and really not much
shopping at all, but it's still a tradition we love.

So today I am getting as much done as possible, checking a few things off of my To-Do list, but adding much more to my crazy little To-Don't list.
How do you handle stress during the Holiday Season.... or just every day?

Ps- I think this thankful printable is super cute...

Download it here.


Happy, Happy Tuesday! 


  1. I love thie idea of a 'to don't list'! Sometimes it is even nice to have a day where you don't do anything at all! :-)

  2. That To Don't list really resonated with me. December is a crazy month: Christmas, family arriving from overseas, all the school stuff going on, my daughter's birthday and all the various Italian, German, American traditions to follow so our multicultural family feels complete! I will not let it get to me, I will not feel guilty. I love Christmas and I do not want to lose sight of that, so thank you for reminding me!


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