Goodbye, November.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Dear November,

Oh, why must you go?
I wish you lasted longer, thirty days just isn't quite long enough for me... it never is.
I know that everyone else is ready for December(except me!) and rushing you right along, but to me, you are the calm before the storm,
the serene + peaceful month.
I'm hanging onto your ankles, begging you to stay just a bit longer.
Because I kinda like serene and peaceful.

You brought with you much cooler weather, shorter days and a whole lot less sunlight.
You also brought with you some of my very favorite family traditions and some of the BEST Midwestern comfort food you ever did eat.
You were full of Birthdays, far-away friends, too much sickness, lots of laughs, the usual struggles and lots of beautiful moments in-between.
During your month we took a train trip to Chicago, spent a wonderful Thanksgiving together and I really, finally started working.
November brought me my first actual paycheck in a long, long time!

You were a good month November... full of good things, hard things, 
new things and big, exciting things.
See ya next year.


Come back tomorrow when I welcome December, albeit a bit reluctantly, 
as it will  already be December 3. Wow. 
How does that happen so quickly, anyway?


  1. I'm kinda grasping on to November too. Not ready for rushing yet.

    1. Me neither, Alicia! I wish there was a longer time period between the holidays! Think someone can just go ahead and change that for me? ;)

  2. Love this sentiments exactly...wish November could last a bit longer!

  3. Thanks Gabe! Why does it all have to be crowded in together in such a short time, anyway? Let's just change it!!! : )


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