Why Hello There, January 10.

Friday, January 10, 2014

So when I looked at my phone this morning and saw that it was already the 10th of January, my heart kinda skipped a beat.
Just a tiny beat.
If it's already the 10th,  then I've lost over a week+ of the new year to decide how I am going to change my life this year.
Ha. Kidding there... kinda.

Kinda not.

You know how it goes....
You start the New Year off with so many goals and ideas and momentum and then quickly, way too quickly, it's gone.... and it's
only like the middle of February.
If you're lucky.
Or if  I am lucky... maybe you're not as bad as me when it comes to making changes STICK.

So it is Friday(yipppeee!) and I am home alone in a very quiet house today.
VERY QUIET... almost too quiet.  Almost. 
After 5,000 days off, my kids went back to school yesterday.
It was a good break, it really was, but it was also a pretty LONG break, with lots of snow and freezing weather.
But it was really good-  for me, for them for our whole family.

So I am going to take today and some time this weekend and think about what I really need to be doing in this next year.... there's a lot, of course,
always a lot. Which can be super overwhelming.
But I've got to start somewhere.
I do love reading all of the inspirational New Year's posts and articles, lists, videos, etc.
I really do love it although the pessimistic side of me wants to roll my eyes, and sometimes I do(especially at myself), the hopeful part of me likes
to cheer everyone else on and get inspired while I'm doing it.


Here is a little bit of our week in pictures via Instagram....
{ I am Lucky13Amy on Instagram...}

It has finally stopped snowing here in the Midwest, life has resumed to pretty much normal around here.
We are leaving the house...and driving.... and it's a good thing.

But during our seclusion Super Mario Brothers, Rainbow Loom Bracelet making, lots of movies, forts, coffee, wine, drawing, painting and
playing out in the snow got us through.
Thank goodness for all of it.



  1. Amen sister! - it was a lonnggg break. LOL. I was so excited for Max to go back to school. He was going a little stir crazy by the end of break. I think he needs the routine of school.
    One of my goals was to pick-up my camera and shoot everyday in January. I failed on the 4th. HAhaha! I'll blame it on the pregnancy. ;)

    1. I agree completely. 3 week sis a long time to be out of school when it is below zero here and stuck inside!! Yikes. I've been slow to se t any concrete goals so far.... gives me a little bit more time before I have failed them all :)

  2. I too gave grand plans for the new year. Planning is good but I'm not going to beat myself up if I fail either. Trying to be more realistic. Happy new year.

    1. Good for you, Karina! Realistic is a good thing.... and still pretty difficult to follow through on! Bets of luck to both of us! : ) happy New Year!


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