Little(And Big) Adventures

Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh. Sigh.
Just look at these photos and try to tell me that they don't make you want to jump on a plane or in a car and just go somewhere...
A N Y W H E R E .

{ all images via Kris Atomic}

Can you even stand all of these gorgeous pictures? 
Go see more on her blog as well as her beautiful illustrations + her lovely shop, that little blog of hers is so inspiring, I just wanna jump right into it! 

The older I get the more I long for more adventures- in the form of trips and get-aways and seeing brand new places.
You would think that maybe this would be something I would have had when I was younger, single, without a family... but no, it just
hits me now more than ever, in the last couple of years.

I'm dreaming of big, long, far-away trips... short, simple, close-to-home day trips.... all of it.
Pretty much anywhere that is away and different and new.
This year I plan on doing more of this and intend on taking some day trips by myself with just my camera, because that sounds like an
absolutely perfect way to spend a day to me.
Traveling(anywhere) more + making plans for future trips is a big GOAL of mine for 2014.

So, where would you go if you had....

A day?
A week?
Two weeks?
A tiny budget?
No budget?


Hope you have a fantastic Monday.... where ever the day takes you!

Come back tomorrow for Coffee with me...
I think it's time for the first Virtual Coffee date of 2014.
You can read more about Virtual Coffee here.

And you can even wear your pajamas!


  1. As long as it is travelling, near or far, I am game. I love, love, love seeing new places. I totally get what you mean.

  2. Oh they do!! Let's see tiny budget...maybe a short roadtrip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Rent a little camper and walk/drive the Appalachian Trail. We still need to do that.


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