Channeling Brighter Days

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Oh, it's so, so easy to let yourself get in a   F  U  N  K   over this weather.
It really is.
I am a perfect example.
We have just had non-stop days of below freezing temperatures, the kind where you just don't even go outside for a second without freezing.
And there's quite a bit of snow... but you can't actually play in it.

I just miss the sun on my face and standing outside and actually feeling the sun and the warmth on my body.
I really miss it.
In my house everyone's skin, hair, nose....everything is DRY.
And I think I need one of those UV lamps that mimics sunlight... I wonder if that would really help this Cukoo Mama?

How are you handling Winter where you are?
I'm currently fantasizing about--
Sunlight, green grass, blue skies, playgrounds, picnics, flowers, dirt, sandboxes, trees not covered in snow, birds....
That's what I'll be thinking about until Spring.


  1. Come stay with me...bring 'em all!!
    I promise those beautiful kids all of the above AND mangoes!!
    Come take a zillion photos and let me pour you drinks with umbrellas in them...ok maybe not quite that...but there will be lots of ice and lots of bubbles!
    Melissa xx

  2. Here it has just been raining for weeks... ugh! I know how important rain is, but I hate rainy weather.

  3. I am right there with you. I'm grateful that the sun is shining and I can pretend that it's Spring, but I'm SO over the cold weather.


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