Snow Day!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Wednesday! 
It's the middle of the week already and another Snow Day for us... 
I really can't believe it, but we're enjoying another day at home.
And yes, I said enjoying! 

It's been snowing since yesterday before noon and it looks so pretty- from inside- and is showing
no sign of stopping.

 Favorite parts of our day included :: 

- A big breakfast of fruit, French toast, bacon, orange juice + coffee.
- All being home together!
- Staying in our pajamas for most of 
   the day 
- Playing outside in the snow
-Ordering pizza + watching Turbo 

I know last week I was maybe complaining a bit about having yet another Snow Day... but not today. 
It really is all just perspective, huh? 
Funny how that works.
Kinda feels like HELL might have just done froze over.


ps- blogging from your phone SUCKS.
just hoping the laptop fairy delivers me a brand new macbook when i go to sleep tonight!

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