Grocery Store Love

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Grocery store flowers are my  f a v o r  i t e.
Especially when I didn't buy them for myself.
And when they are delivered to me in bed by my sweet little boy.
I love that they brighten up my dining room table that's looking pretty empty on this dreary day.

Mostly I love the fact that someone thought of me... and wanted to make me happy today...
But also LOVE that in the middle of doing your grocery shopping(which I do not love) you can buy yourself something so simple
yet so  H A P P Y .

Thank God for the little things.
Next time I am at the grocery store looking at the flowers, I am going to try and remember to pick up an extra bouquet for someone else.... 
Because that's probably even better  than getting them for myself...
Don't ya think?

What is something small + simple that makes you happy?


H A P P Y   S A T U R D A Y   F R I E N D S .


  1. The hubby taking the kiddies to swimming class, so I can stay back watch my favourite housey show, with a nice cuppa and no disturbances... Priceless!

    1. Now that sounds perfect to me too, Laura! But now I am wondering exactly what you mean by "housey" show..... : )

  2. getting a cup of coffee at starbucks before i go grocery shopping at target. it makes the whole process more tolerable. and if my boy's with me i let him pick out a cake pop. that way he's happy and the experience is more tolerable for HIM, too.

    1. Sara- I love doing that too! Sometimes I let the kids get popcorn at Target and I get coffee or if i'm alone i get coffee and it seriously makes the shopping trip a little more fun! And if Mama is happy, then everyone is happy! Right ? : )

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  4. I bought flowers just the other day and it has completely brightened my home! I love the idea of picking some up for someone else too :)

  5. Oh I need to buy myself some flowers! Especially with the winter drearies!

    A little thing that brightens my day? Anytime my hubby volunteers to be on bath duty. It means that I'm off duty a little earlier and sometimes that's just what this momma needs!


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