Trying To Remember Not To Forget.....

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So when I started this little blog of mine several(four? five?) years ago I had just stopped working and was staying home full time.
It was a time of big changes all the way around.
I was kind of searching for somewhere to focus my creative energy and wanted to have somewhere to put all of the pictures I was taking.
But the biggest reason for starting this little blog was just for documenting, for myself, not for far away family members to see pictures
of the kids regularly or anything like that... just for me.
My memory is not great and never has been and I really wanted a journal of sorts with pictures and stories and feelings...
just to remember
how it was  R  I  G  H  T    T  H  E  N.

Because after a while, things blur and we remember things differently... Right?
My little tag line on my blog, a long time ago, used to be :
"Trying to remember not to forget all the little things that make up these days"
And that's what I still want to do.
Not forget.
I miss blogging regularly and documenting and recording... and sharing.
I want to make more time for it.
I think I'm going to.

Life is busy and hectic and chaotic and things are always changing.. and I want to remember these days.
A few words and pictures and stories will be so, so good to have one day.

Take care of all your memories. 
For you cannot relive them.

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  1. so well put and i totally hear ya. and i LOVE your vsco grid. extremely inspiring!!


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