{Virtual Coffee}

Friday, December 12, 2014

Hey there.
Good morning-- or afternoon by now I guess-- and Happy Friday.
I did start this earlier this morning but life around the house with two kids at home both sick and kindanotreallysick took
over this week.
Now things have quieted down and I am finally sitting down to enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee at 3:15 pm. today.
On my couch, under a quilt, headphones in, candles burning, coffee in hand.
Hooray for Fridays!

Seriously though.
I don't even care that the kids are in front of the TV watching Regular Show(I HATE that damn show).

So yes, there's been nasty, funky viruses going around and Charlotte has stayed home for the last three days this week.
Today she was much better but I just wasn't ready to send her back and she wasn't running a fever or contagious
 so she got to go to work with me for part of the day.
Now that is one thing that I really LOVE about my job, the flexibility... it's awesome.

If we were really meeting for coffee today....
I would tell you that I am finally, finally getting into this whole Christmas thing just a little more, you know, 
a whole two weeks before Christmas.
This week I got a little more Christmas shopping done, just a little, I had dinner out with my 
sister one night and then last night I watched Home For The Holidays.
Have you seen it ?
It was good and it made me laugh... Oh and that Dylan McDermott. Sigh.
Now tonight I will be watching one of my favorite holiday movies, Love Actually.
Popcorn and Love Actually sounds pretty awesome to me tonight.

Okay, So we need to talk about Serial.
Or I do anyway... You may not need to yet... But I do.
Have you heard of this podcast? It's getting all kinds of hype and attention right now and 
I am obsessed with it. I confess.
It's like finding that favorite show you didn't know about and just falling in love with it.
So, so good if you're into real life crime/mystery kinda stuff like I am. 
Next week is the 12th and final episode and I am so mad that it is ending already... I need to know more and
 hear more and I need a conclusion here, people.
Please tell me if you are listening to it and what your thoughts are. 

Do you have any fun weekend plans?
The kids have a Birthday party to go to tomorrow and we have a 40th Birthday party tomorrow and I need to
 squeeze in some Christmas shopping and get a couple of Birthday presents, too and...
So yeah, there is lots to do but then there is also Miss Charlotte, who is still not feeling 100%, 
so we will just wait and see I guess.

Are you done with your shopping? Have you started?
What is going on in your little world this week?
Do tell.
Hope you all have a great weekend.


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