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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hey there and Merry Christmas Eve, Eve.
Two more days, you guys!
It's pretty unbelievable to me that Christmas is really here already because it just doesn't look or feel like it outside
at all... Where is the snow?

Just in case you are looking for a super easy last minute idea for Holiday candy/treats I thought I would share this today.
You totally have time for this, easiest thing ever.
I remember hearing about this recipe many different places several years ago and have actually had people tell me
they have made it themselves too and that I should try it.
Well Sunday was the day to finally try it.
Thank you Trisha Yearwood(that's the recipe I found first when I googled it).
It's good.
And addictive, hence the term "toffee crack" I have heard several people use.
Almost sickeningly addictive, I might add... you have been warned.

So, let's be honest here.
I needed a recipe for a simple holiday treat to deliver to a few family members and friends.
I didn't have the whole day to bake or cook and wanted something that would be relatively easy and stress-free because
we are down to the wire here, folks.
And this is super easy, just four ingredients.
I still have a little shopping to do and ain't nobody got time for multiple, complicated recipes.
Not to mention not a single present has been wrapped, the laundry is piled up, the house needs
a good scrubbing and I have to work the next couple of days.

I wanted something that wouldn't take forever so the kids could help without getting bored immediately and 
me getting annoyed with their boredom. 
We have been talking this week about thinking of others this time of year and what we could do for others this week to
maybe make the season a little brighter for those that may be having a difficult time during the Holidays.
The kids were a great help and did half of the work themselves... and enjoyed it.
Sunday night I packaged up all the treats and we went out to delivered them.

There you have it.
I am giving the rest away before I make myself sick... it's super richy, but yummy... the perfect treat to give away and not
have in my own house.
Next time I will sprinkle a little sea salt on top, I love sweet and salty together and  think just a tiny bit of
sea salt on top would be perfect.

Happy Baking!


Ps- This post really makes me wish I could visit a big city around the holidays.
All the lights and decorations... the hustle and bustle.... Sigh.
Usually we at least get to Chicago once before Christmas... but not this year.
There's always next year....

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  1. I made some of that over the weekend. My grandma used to make that when I was growing up. I love love love it! I used Saltine crackers and then after the chic chips melt and I spread it around, I sprinkled pecan pieces all over. Oh my word. I could definitely make myself sick on it! And I'm right there with you on the feeling a little frenzied, down to the wire. Just found out Christmas Eve dinner will be at our house and we have to drive my brother to the airport on Christmas day! It's a 6 hour round trip drive for us! Oy!


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