My Week In Instagrams

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Just a peek into my week through Instagram...
What a full + busy but good week.
I have admittedly struggled during this Holiday season but I am finished with everything
and not stressed out and
 there are so many little things that have filled me right up and brought me peace and happiness.
I am definitely counting my blessings this today.

Making my lists and checking them twice.
I did much better shopping ahead of time than I have in along time.... Maybe ever.
Less holiday stress is what I need and this year was much better for me in that way for sure.


Yes I copied this and I am totally okay with that.
The kids thought it was pretty funny.

It's so, so hard to drag myself out of bed on these super dreary no-sunshine days.
So hard. 

I am so very proud of this girl these last couple of weeks.
She took it upon herself to make presents for everyone and wrap them all herself, without any help.
Last count I think she had made and wrapped 16 presents.
THIS makes my heart so happy.

I found Boggle at the thrift store for a dollar last week and snatched it up fast.
I am all for playing games with the kids that do NOT take an hour. Yes, please.
We had a lot of fun with this.

The Christmas school program is my favorite.
See my girl?
{In the middle, next to the boy with the red tie}
I loved getting to see Wyatt play his violin on stage for the first time.

Wrapping and packaging presents with cute supplies makes it just a little bit more fun I think.

Last minute shopping with my boy.
I got to do this with each of them this week and it was fun.
One-on-one time with the kids is fun and is important to me, I try to make it a priority.

Busy week at work... but I have a few days off and couldn't be 
h  a  p  p  i  e  r.
Plus I got the best Christmas present from my boss... I will share that next week.
I'm so excited about it! 

Stuffed paper animals Charlotte made for my cousin's baby she is due to have in March.
How cute are these?
I tried to suggest sewing them instead of using staples but this girl wants to do everything herself...
Let's just say she doesn't always love my suggestions.

Oh I do love the lights and sitting in the dark with the tree all lit up.
It's one of my most favorite things about this time of year.

Making homemade snow globes.
They didn't turn out great but we are still working on them...
I don't think Martha Stewart's look like these.

I wish I could walk around with this lighting and my face/skin looked like it does through 
my phone lens... :)

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.
Thank you for stopping by here, for reading and sharing and for your encouragement.
It really means so much to me.


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