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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hey there.
Good Morning and Happy Tuesday to you.
I'm up early this morning and having my coffee on the couch while I keep my fingers crossed that no one else gets up... quite yet.  Just not yet, please! 
This morning my coffee is extra hot and the froth is perfect and it feels so good on my sore throat.
I think this about my third head cold this Winter and I really just feel like staying in bed all day and calling
in to work if you want the truth.

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning...

First of all, I would sit far far away from you and not spread my germs, I promise.
But really, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would tell you about the progress on my
goal to start waking up earlier during the week.
It's going well.... almost too well now, some days.
My goal is to be up about an hour before the kids so I can have a decent amount of time to myself before the craziness of school day prep begins... And most days I am doing it.
Over the weekend I was gone for two nights and even though I was sleeping on a super comfy hotel bed with dreamy, soft feather pillows, and curtains that kept the room perfectly dark, I was up by 7:00 am anyway and couldn't fall back asleep. It's actually working, you guys!
So if you're not necessarily an early riser by nature, but are trying to get up earlier, you can do it, too. Trust me.

Like I mentioned, I was out of town for a couple quick days and got to spend a little time wandering around St. Louis with my best gal pal.
It was so nice and the weather was absolutely b e a u t i f u l, especially for February.
I think by the time I headed back home on Saturday it was in the mid-60's. Sigh.
Man, I have been trying really hard to enjoy the season I am in and appreciate it because truthfully, I would not want Summer all year long, I just wouldn't....
BUT, that beautiful sunny weather on Saturday got me so ready for Spring, even though it still is a bit early for Spring Fever, especially here in the Midwest.
We have still yet to have a really, really good snow... and it's February... so I am thinking that there's a good chance that some rough Winter weather is still to come.

The talk around our house this week is Valentine's Day, y'all.... What about you?
I am not super into Valentine's Day for myself necessarily but it is fun when you have school-age kids I think.
I loved, loved, loved the Valentine's Day party when I was in school and my favorite thing was decorating the shoe box/mail box for the Valentine's party... Remember that?
Charlotte's class did them at home and took them in to school last week and I have to admit that I was itching to get in there and help her(or just make my own!) but she didn't need my help. Ugh. Whatever.
A couple of years ago I made these cute little paper hearts for the kids and I am going to make them again this year and fill them with the kid's favorite candy.
They are so simple that younger kids can do them to with a little help threading the needle.
FYI, I think embroidery thread is easier for the kids, it is just thicker and easier to manage.

{ I took about ten pictures of her on her "mat" and she made a dumb face on purpose in 
every one of them. This girl... }

If we were really meeting for coffee today, I would have to tell you that some days I feel like my kids are literally growing up right before my eyes. 
Some days that's how it honestly feels and it's crazy.
Each of them are starting to get into their own kind of music and I am hearing the same songs on repeat over and over and over until I am about to hang myself.
Wyatt has been more into his own music and developing his own taste for a while now, but Charlotte is starting to get more into it now I guess.
Since she started back in tumbling last week, she is super into cartwheels and tumbling and every day she gets out the yoga mat and has us watch her do cartwheels. Over and over.
Then,  she decides she needs some music for "her inspiration" and gets my ipad, looks up songs and rotates between Katy perry, Taylor Swift and that one Phillip Phillips song.
And you guys.
I really do mean over and OVER.

Lastly, before we go, since today is Tuesday and The Bachelor was on last night, I would have to ask if you are watching it this season.
Yes, I'm admitting that I watch The Bachelor, in all it's train-wreck-glory.
Oh, it is bad, bad, bad but I admit, after not watching it for years I am hooked on this season.
It's my guilty pleasure after the kids go to bed and it's kind of fun to be able to have a show that
you can talk to your friends about the next day... You know, even if it's pure trash.


Well my coffee cup is empty and the kids will be up soon, thank you for stopping by here today for coffee.
It will be a busy day of work and school and a parent-teacher conference, tumbling class and some Valentine-making tonight. Lots to do today!
Hope you have a great day--Tell me what's going on in your world today!


  1. Amazing weather here but pretty cold. Work, report cards yesterday (when you wrote your post) and bike seat stolen. That's my day in a nutshell

  2. Oh no! Where was your bike? I'm sorry to hear that! :( Sometimes people just suck. Hope today is better for you!


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