Halloween Decorating & Crafting

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's official--the Halloween Season has arrived at our house. After a trip to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday I came home and found myself ready to get out all of our Halloween/Fall stuff....it may not be October quite yet, but close enough! So today the kids and I made the trip up to the attic and drug all of our stuff down. It's not all put in it's place yet (maybe tomorrow?) but the kids and I had a good time unpacking it. It's so much fun looking through everything and remembering when/where you got the different things (Wyatt's first Halloween, our first Halloween in our very first home) and my very favorite, finding the things I bought after the Halloween season was over last year at dirt cheap prices that I had forgot all about! I came across these mini Halloween figures that I found at a rummage sale last year and they will soon find a home on some wreaths I am working on. Hoping to have these done tomorrow---just in time for the first day of October. Let the Halloween decorating and crafting begin!

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