3 Things

Friday, November 6, 2009

Me: "So, what did you do at school today?"
W: "Uh, nothing. Just played."

For those of you with children in school this is probably nothing new to you. This is our first year of preschool and first experience with all of this and I know it's totally normal but it bugs me. I really do want to know what he did at school, what he had for snack, who he played with, etc. But I guess because of that whole child-school-code-of-silence thing he's got going on he doesn't want to give up too much information. So, now we do "3 Things" when I pick him up or when we get home; he tells me any 3 things he wants to about preschool and then I tell him 3 things about what happened or what Charlotte and I did while he was gone. It actually works. Eventually he will give up more information but the 3 things game satisfies my initial curiosity and gets him off the hook until he feels like sharing more later.


  1. You are much smarter than I. I just don't have the patience to wait until they are ready to talk, so unfortunately I badger my poor girl to death until she spills the beans about "how was school today". And then later - she goes and tells dad TONS more than she ever told me. You would think I'd have learned by now. Good For You!

  2. ha-i didn't have the patience either and this little trick is the only way i didn't have to wait until he was ready to talk!

  3. my son has down syndrome, so even if he wanted to, he can't tell me what they did. so i came up with this card i made on the computer that lists several differet activities. like "i colored". I did #1, #2 or "went all by myself" , i ate ..... for snack, and the teacher just checks off what he did...it only takes a few seconds and i can talk to him about his day.

  4. Patricia-
    That's a great idea, I'm glad you came up with a way to learn a little more about your son's day at school!


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