Thursday, November 5, 2009

So our week has pretty much consisted of the following: taking temperatures, taking medicine, going to the doctor, the littlest one not sleeping, me not sleeping (good), her grouchy, me grouchy, stuck in the house for days, too many movies, lots of nose wiping, painting, napping, Eric now not feeling too well, playing grocery store, reading lots of books, going out to pick up donuts for a very late breakfast, building forts, more medicine and bribing to take the medicine, then more nose wiping.That being said, there are so many people sick around here right now and I am grateful that it has not hit us that hard (fingers crossed)...hope this all goes away for everyone soon! A little glimpse of our days stuck inside::



  1. Sorry you guys have been sick! Are the kids getting better?
    - Robyn

  2. Thank you Robyn! Things still seem to be hanging on over here...hoping it is all gone soon! Hope you and the kids are all well! : )


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