Mission Impossible?

Friday, November 6, 2009

It has got to be one of the most difficult things ever to plan a weekend get-away for 3 girls, with 2 kids each, along with pets, husbands and just life mixed in there. I think it really might be impossible. My best girlfriend, my cousin and I have a weekend away planned this very weekend...right now. Two nights away, in a hotel, gone from Friday-Sunday. All three of us. No husbands, no kids, just us. And lots of shopping, eating out, uninterrupted conversations, trashy magazines, a few drinks, more shopping, sleeping in..................
 Oh-wait, are you wondering why I am sitting here at my computer on this very Friday night that I am supposed to be away? Well, that's because things never really go exactly as planned so the plans have been altered a little bit. My friend's husband had an emergency appendectomy a few days ago so she is out--can you believe it? I mean, it's not like he had any control over this, but seriously, do these things happen when the men are going away for the weekend? Nope, they don't. As of right now, at 11:05 p.m., Cassie and I are still going but just for one night and our fingers are crossed. I have had a child sick all week who still isn't 100 % herself and we were both at the doctor's office on the same day each having one of our kids diagnosed with ear infections but we are still in. As of right now. And after these last two weeks I am really looking forward to a quick get-away and a little adventure.
Mission Impossible? Oh, Dear God, please let it be a Mission Accomplished instead.

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