The Little Things

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I do not require big, grand things to make me happy. I'm pretty simple.
Diamonds and fancy jewelry? No.
Fancy new car? No.
Expensive new purses, bags, etc.? No. 
(Okay- I do love both shoes and bags but I am more of  a bargain kind of girl!)
Fancy perfume? No. 
See, simple. 
The things that make me happy are the kids both taking naps, well behaved children while I get my hair cut, a night out with really great friends, a movie date this week with another friend, a smooth, drama-free bedtime for the kids, a clean house. Oh and my sweet husband bringing me home this holiday creamer so I can make my own peppermint mochas. Yum.

Yep, this makes me really happy.

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