Sledding Party::

Monday, January 4, 2010

Just wanted to share a few pictures from the Sledding Party at my Uncle's house on Sunday. I went outside and quickly snapped a few pictures before I hurried back inside-it was probably in the single digits yesterday, which is just way too cold for me! Remember how when you were younger you could go up and down the hill over and over and you didn't care how cold it was or that you really couldn't feel your face anymore? Those were the days. After  the outdoor fun everyone went inside for cookies, brownies, apple pie and hot cocoa.......the best part of the day.

During a short break from "Cops & Robbers" I had some of the cousins jump up on the bench in the hallway for an impromptu Bench Monday shot where Wyatt replied; "Ummm...hello mommy, it's Sunday!" I told him it's okay to cheat sometimes. Happy Monday!

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