Be My {Vintage} Valentine

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Over the weekend I started getting out my Valentine decorations, I thought it would help brighten up the house and our moods since all we have seen lately is clouds, rain and no sign at all of the sun.
 I don't have a lot of Valentine decorations but I do have a collection of Vintage Valentine's that I absolutely adore. I think Eric first started buying them for me when we were just dating, there used to be a little shop close to his work where he could always find them. So a collection (obsession) began.  Since then I am always on the look-out for them at antique stores and thrift shops, hoping to find just a few more to add to my collection. I love the cheesiness of them, the illustrations and the little sayings. I have found some pretty cool reproduction Valentine's for the kids the last couple of years but my favorites are still the vintage ones from many years ago. I love that someone, probably little kids in school a long time ago, gave these to someone for Valentine's Day. The little messages and signatures written on the back in pencil makes me wonder about the story and the people behind them.



  1. any surprise that i too collect these? i think i have that cuckoo clock one - love them - and love to see the signatures on them that look like they were written with fountain pens.
    i made the muffins last week - so darn good! i added flaxseed in an attempt to fool myself that they'd be healthy for me! delicious though. and so cool what you are doing - did herald and review come out? let me know so i can see the article online if its printed. you are awesome amy! such a good heart and such a great lesson for your kiddos!
    coming home in march - there for 3 weeks we'll be seeing you for sure!!

  2. Love your vintage valentines and all your pretty garlands!

  3. Jen-
    I just scored a bunch of valentine's at my favorite antique store...4/$1! i was so excited when I saw that deal!
    Can't wait to see you guys, guess you will be celebrating the girl's b-days...isn't Izzy's in March too? Wow!


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