Snow Day?!?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We are expecting between 4-7 inches of snow by tomorrow and are keeping our fingers crossed for a SNOW DAY.  I'm not counting on it but I am thinking that the possible high winds might just be our ticket in. Eric is almost too optimistic and on his way home from work stopped and got a bottle of wine and then stopped at the library and checked out The Wizard Of Oz for us all to watch tomorrow. Oooh, Eric not being able to go to work, no pre-school for Wyatt.....all four of us hanging out in our pajamas all day, fixing a big breakfast, watching movies and watching the snow fall. That sounds like a really good day to me.


  1. please fill me in on your new camera!!! what did you get?
    snow - so jealous!

  2. Camera is a Nikon D3000...and the lens?... Hmmm....not sure. Haven't learned that much about it yet.
    SNOW! We have a lot of snow and it is still snowing now, at least it's the really pretty kind though.

  3. So jealous! I want a snow day just like that! Have fun, Amy!


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