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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I got an email the other day from someone just letting me know that she reads my blog, enjoys keeping up with us and likes to see what we are up to, she also had a couple other nice comments and questions. She asked me how I can stay at home with the kids full-time and find time to do so much fun stuff with them along with housework, errands, and daily life. She said she has a hard time just keeping up with her house and kids and ends up tired and stressed and wishes she made more time for the other stuff. Don't we all. We emailed back and forth once more and she said one of her resolutions for the new year was to be a better mom, to do more things with the kids and to try and get out of the house more. I told her I was going to write about her email and she said she didn't mind, SO.........

First of all, if my husband read that email it would give him the biggest laugh and I'm sure would really make his day. I am so not THAT mom. I think one reason we do have time for some of the fun stuff is because I let the other stuff slide (way too much sometimes); the house is far from spotless, today I am way behind on laundry and I have barely started in on all the organizing I need to do in this house-and there's a lot. I should be taking a shower right now while I have a chance but instead I chose to type this while one child is at pre-school and the other is watching Max & Ruby. We have the same fighting, time-outs, tears, dog running away and eating garbage and coming back home and throwing up all over the house, just like everyone else. There are messes, piled up dishes, meltdowns and near mommy--breakdowns, every day is not baking, sledding parties and nights out with friends. I know that sometimes I catch myself reading other people's blogs and for a split-second think, "Man, she really has it all together..." and then I remember that these blogs are only a small slice of their lives, and it's often the good times, the fun times and the triumphs that we talk about.
*I'm going to save the  rest for later because right now I really do need to get a couple things done before school pick-up....I'm running late.

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