A Country Life::

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

 I often dream of moving to the country and starting over...a quiet little life...just me and my little family. We would have a big fireplace inside, a huge brick oven outside and we would spend the days together. There would be woods, lots of trees, a huge tree house, a pond, a creek for wading and open fields. We would have neighbors down the road...just not too close. We would have apple trees and a blueberry patch. All organic, naturally. Maybe we would sell them to the locals when we had a really good year and we would have plenty for baking and for friends. I would home school the kids and maybe Eric would work from home, if he worked at all. We would live just far out in the country enough to "be away from it all" but somehow we would still have internet service and cable (this is my fantasy after all). All important and necessary businesses would be a short 30-minute drive from our little house in the woods, including a Starbucks. Ahhh....it all sounds so wonderful, in my dreams. I'm not sure it would be a life I would truly want or not but I think I might like to try it out for a while anyway. Maybe someday.
In my little life in the country we would get to look at things like this every single day. Not bad.

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