Little Mama

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Charlotte's new most favorite thing to do is for me to set up her little tiny play sink in the kitchen and give her baby doll a bath while I am working in their. She has me fill it with water, add a little dish soap and she gets her pretend soap that came with the doll and wash cloths and towels. Yesterday I was busy and quickly filled the sink with water then went on about my business. Charlotte was quick to come tell me to please come empty the sink because her baby needed warm water and that water I put in was waaayyyy too cold. I love to see her doing these things, taking care of her little friends, it is just so sweet. Right now she has an animal hospital set up all over the living room with lots of blankets, pillows and medicine for her stuffed animals and I heard her tell her little pig to stop whining so much. Okay so she's got a ways to go with her nurturing skills and she may have heard that one from me but I think one day she is going to be a good little mommy herself.

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