{Notes From The Kitchen}

Monday, March 15, 2010

After a busy weekend and a busy week last week we did not leave the house today. At all. As a matter of fact,  the kids stayed in their pajamas all day and I only got out of mine to shower and then put clean ones back on. We all need days of going nowhere and doing nothing and it was much needed today. It was another dreary day which gave me the perfect excuse to bake something. I really need to go to the store but I did have everything I needed for chocolate chip cookie bars so that's what we made. I really need a new cookie recipe though, something different...oatmeal cookies maybe. I don't think I have ever made them.
I would love to hear what your favorite cookies are, we really need to branch out over here, try something new. Do you bake? Cook? Love it? Hate it?
I do like to bake, actually I enjoy it. But cooking? Not so much. I think I might enjoy it a little bit more if the kids were more adventurous and didn't turn up their noses when I do try something new. It is so disappointing to go to the trouble to fix dinner just for them to claim how disgusting it is. It really makes me appreciate the fact that my mom cooked every night for us when I was growing up. Big meals, good meals. And now I should probably call and apologize to her for claiming some of her meals were disgusting.....well, I do still hate goulash, but the rest was good. Sorry mom!


  1. Cooking? Don't love it. Don't hate it either. What I do hate is the cleaning up part. I kind of feel the same about baking. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I just do it because we need something.

    My personal favorite cookies are sugar cookies. My kids favorites are M&M cookies, which are really just sugar cookies with some M&Ms pushed into them after they come out of the oven and before they cool. They're sort of cheerful and always a hit.

  2. I'm Lia's twin. I like a soft sugar cookie. I also make an oatmeal cookie with dried cherries (and maybe some dark chocolate chips) that's mighty tasty.

    I like cooking and baking when I'm not rushed. So school breaks and summers are when my cooking/baking mojo is at its peak.


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