Pink Balloon::

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I have a confession. I think I did what all parenting books tell you not to do. I totally bribed Charlotte this morning. And kind of lied to her, too. As we were getting ready this morning to take Wyatt to preschool Charlotte asked me why we had to get ready and I told her we were going to do something really fun. I left out the part about going to the YWCA. She hates going there. When we pulled in the parking lot her lip started quivering and she looked so sad, I felt bad for her. She does not like going to the playroom without her brother, she's not used to me leaving her too much, she said. I promised her that when we left we would go get a balloon and go to the duck pond at the park. I know, Super Nanny would be so disappointed in me. I was prepared to offer up more than the balloon if needed.
Note to self: Sometimes bribery is in fact necessary.
Pink balloons make everything better.
We had fun at the park, it's beautiful and sunny today and she ran around with her balloon and looked for 4-leaf clovers...and I got some good pictures.

She says she is not going back to the Y again. I guess I'll worry about that another day. 


  1. ahhhh so cute! that was just a little "white bribe"...i think it is totally ok :)

  2. Um. I used to bribe my kids all the time. Well, maybe not ALL the time, but fairly frequently. And now that they're older (9 & 6) we don't really need to anymore. Threatening to ground them works just fine. ;-)

  3. Excellent images.

    I bribe. Guilty as charged. Because sometimes it *is* in fact, a necessity.


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