Peeping Tom-ish

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I must confess that I love walking around the neighborhood in the evenings in the summer when it is dark out and everyone has their doors, curtains, windows open and I can see inside all the houses. There are some really cool, old houses around here that I am just dying to see from the inside! That's totally normal, right? So, since I am a bit of a Peeping Tom myself, I thought I would share a few pictures of Wyatt's bedroom and a few of my favorite things in there. We did a lot of cleaning, organizing and hanging in there today so I took a few quick pictures before it reverted back to it's usual state.
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*Old red cabinet I found at a rummage sale for $2, complete with chipped paint and currently housing a Fisher Price record player, acordian and a set of Charlie Brown Picture Dictionaries.
*Self portrait by Wyatt, age 3 1/2 
Peg rack full of Superhero capes, most of them made by his Granny and one of his cowboy hats.  The bow above it was found in the attic of our house, looks really, really old.... and I'm just realizing should be hung much, much higher.
Jar of marbles, buckeyes, baby picture and vintage Wyatt Earp book-a gift from his uncle for his second Christmas.
Jars on his bookcase holding: cars, army men, silly putty, action name it.These are a must!
New picture finally framed and hung today.....yay!
A few favorites books...I am a collector of Little Golden books and other cute little vintage books...
can't ever have too many!

Cowboy quilt made by Granny...kind of wish it was mine it's just so cute.
Wyatt's nursery was painted this same color of blue so when we moved to this house we used it again, at his request. It also happens to be my favorite color so no argument there. And speaking of nurseries, we didn't find out the sex when I was pregnant with him but I just knew it was a we painted the room blue and bought the cowboy crib bedding and other boyish things, much to my mom's dismay. Kind of a bold move now that I think about it...but I was obviously right.


  1. Adore that quilt.

    I knew The Boy was a boy too. We didn't roll the dice quite as much as you by getting bedding, etc. I admire your boldness.

    **I'm a peeping tom as well. But I only want to see furniture and paint colors.

  2. I love looking in people's windows at night. Which sounds weird, I know, but it's harmless. I just like to see their cool stuff. That's why I love Flickr so much. It's sort of the same, but better.

    Love that red cabinet and record player. Very cool finds.

  3. You are not alone. I love seeing the inside of people's houses. But my thing.. is garage sales.. seeing all the random STUFF people collect :-D

  4. peeping tom in the summer? my favorite activity! definitely not alone...
    i love so much about your boy's room. we, too, call our gma granny. i thought it was a southern thang? your blue wall paint is similar to the one in my oldest daughter's room. it's just a beautiful background for so many other colors!

  5. True confessions here, huh? Yes, I do the same thing. It started when I was in college. I remember being homesick and longing to sit with my family for dinner. Whenever I passed by a house with a family sitting down to eat, I would cry. Now, I just like to see the decor. I especially love old houses with gorgeous woodwork. So there you have it.

  6. I LOVE peeking into houses as I walk by. My favorite thing to see (and covet) is wall-to-wall bookshelves.

  7. I love, love, love all the vintage-y stuff! And, the fisher price record player? So awesome! I used to have one when I was a kid!

  8. this is an awesome room. I LOVE the selfie he did with the buttons.So sweet.

  9. Ha - I always wonder if the neighbors can see into my bedroom at night. It's 2nd story, hidden by trees, but I can see the tip of their patio, just not sure what they can see of me? Oh well - if it's put out there - others are welcome to look. I think I'll pull my blinds tonight. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I do that too! I think it is just human nature ;D His room ROCKS.

  11. Oh good...I'm not alone! Thanks for the reassurance everyone. But it might just be you, Karina, the only one who isn't stalking around. Close those curtains up tight, baby! : )

  12. I *love* doing the same exact thing!

  13. Oh my goodness, that Fisher Price record player just took me back to 1977 when we had one in our house! This is such a cool room - he will love that you took these photos in years to come. It's also good to know I'm not the only one who wishes she could snoop around other people's houses just for a general nosey :)


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