Saturday Plans::

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Today is busy and tomorrow is open...just the way I like it. I love having one day of the weekend with no plans, so anything is possible. And by open,  I mean maybe I will have a chance to go antiquing for a couple of hours by myself, that's what I really mean. This morning we are heading out of town to a bridal shower for my cousin;  me, my mom, my sister and Charlotte, just the girls. I'm looking forward to a day of hanging out with my aunts and cousins, always a good time.
Oh, and guess what I learned yesterday? The husband reads this, he really does. I had a bit of a rough day yesterday and last night he asked if I wanted to go see Alice In Wonderland tonight...I  mentioned that here a couple of days ago....and he already asked his mom & dad to babysit.
Yay....I can't wait!
And speaking of reading this blog, when I changed my template earlier this week my followers thingy popped back up on the bottom, not sure how, but scroll down and look at it.'s kind of sad, isn't it? 15 followers? I think if I ever make it into the 20's I am going to celebrate by having  a give-away of some kind!
Hope everyone has a great weekend...any big plans?


  1. Have fun!

    My Mr.'s band is opening for Miles Kurosky (Beulah guy) at the bar where we met. So I'm going to a rock show with best friends, drinking some Lone Stars, and squealing like a 15 year old girl. Rock on.

    I follow you...through my Google Reader. :-)

  2. Ha! I'm the best friend going with Dani to the Mr.'s show. I will also be drinking Lone Stars and squealing like a 15 year old. Not sure what Lee plans on doing during all of this. Maybe he'll join in on the squealing.

    I only "follow" people in Google reader, don't know about all that other business. I think I would be pleased as punch if I had 15 followers. I'm pretty sure I don't have any. And Dani doesn't count, cuz she sort of has to.

    Have fun on your date! Can't wait to hear what you think about the movie.

  3. Ha ha it's always good to just hang out with the girls! and I only have four followers.. but it's all good.

    how did you like the movie?

  4. There you go....Now you have 16 followers. I couldn't get my picture up. Memory issues. Anyhow, according to my son who knows about these things, you probably have more people looking at your blog than you realize. At least that what he tells me. Maybe he's just being nice!

    I hope your Saturday was a good one. I'm looking forward to down time on Sunday too. Today is all about Spring cleaning.

  5. Dani-
    I'm impressed!:) Does his band just play locally? Oh, I wish I was out listening to a band tonight with the girls and drinking Lone Satrs...hmmm...I think I've had one before. I'm usually a Miller lite or Blue Moon kind of girl though.
    Lia- Have fun! Sounds like my kind of night...squealing and all! : D

  6. I plan my weekends the same way, today is my down day, ahhhhh. We almost saw AIW too but didn't make it. I love Tim Burton!

  7. Hope you're having a great weekend, Amy!

  8. sounds like a nice relaxing your blog..

  9. Sounds like a super fun weekend - LOOOOVE all your photos ;D

  10. @Amy: His band is Bright Men of Learning. They are pretty much local. Occasionally they play in Austin. If you like indie rock with a Wilco-y influence, then they are for you. The Mr. calls is Dad Rock. I call it damn good.


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